About Marla


I have a love affair with food, travel, fashion & the mountains. Here on MarlaMeridith.com my goal is to inspire you to live a more beautiful life.


I’m always on the quest for big adventure. I find adventure in delicious food, travel, outdoor activities, my two kids, two hound dogs and shopping for the latest fashions. For me there is no greater pursuit than living each day to its fullest. Within these pages I want to share things that you’ll find valuable, motivational and inspiring.


I’m a mom to two children and I know what it’s like to work hard and strive for quality in every part of your life. As strong women we are here to serve, but also to take care of ourselves. We strive to get healthy meals on the table every day, dishes that our families will love to eat. I believe that you’ll find that my whole food recipes are simple to prepare and delicious.  You’ll also find occasional indulgences too. I want to make life super tasty for you, both in and out of the kitchen.


Along with being food obsessed, I’m a compulsive traveler. The trips I go on help fuel my creative pursuits. I meet amazing people around the world who are also driven by the travel spirit. I’m intrigued by the way food & travel intersect. Booking trips based on my tastebuds is irresistible! Beyond the food, I love destinations that encourage spiritual growth and incorporate active adventures and eye soaring vistas. I always bring you along for the ride.


With a background in fashion & textile design, I find the latest trends irresistible. I love to share on-point fashion, design  and style posts with you as well.


Within these pages my mission is to inspire & motivate you to live a healthy, happy & inspired life. Allow me to indulge you with delicious food, enlightening travel, fashion & beauty tips and occasional ramblings about my dogs Moose and Bo.


Thanks for visiting, hope you come back regularly and always feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback!