Cereal Topped Apple Date Crisp

Cereal Topped Apple Date Crisp


Healthy apple date crisp dessert with whipped cream dollop & Uncle Sam's cereal

Lets talk about fruity crisps today…. are you a fan? I sure do hope so because they are simple to prepare and the texture/flavor play is irresistible! What’s not to love about heating up your favorite fruit and topping it with crunch. Lucky for all of us because my recipe is light & healthy and is topped with Uncle Sam’s whole grain cereal.

Yup, that’s right…a breakfast crisp that is great for snacks, dessert and also a healthy treat to pack in your lunch box.

Fresh apple slices and box of Uncle Sam's cereal by Attune Foods

I am so pleased to have been chosen as a brand ambassador for Attune Foods. I have been in love with their products for a long time. The partnership is a truly tasty + natural fit.

They love real, healthy foods and so do I…

Fresh apple slices on blue polka dot ceramics

Attune Foods takes great pride in using the best whole food ingredients in their products. In this recipe I use Uncle Sam’s cereal which is a blend of toasted whole wheat flakes combined with whole flaxseeds.

Healthy apple date crisp dessert with whipped cream dollop & Uncle Sam's cereal

If you are feeling a bit sassy, top your apple crisp with some freshly whipped cream. Another creamy topping, a bit lighter is thick Greek yogurt. If you are looking for a vegan option then you could use a coconut whipped cream.

All is good with cream, fruit & crunch….

Healthy apple date crisp dessert with whipped cream dollop & Uncle Sam's cereal

Uncle Sam’s cereal all ready has the perfect crunch, but  I added even more by toasting some in a pan with a dab of virgin coconut oil and pecans…you can never have enough crunch. Or pecans for that matter.

If you would like to prepare this gluten free then you can use one of their Erewhon crispy rice cereals.

Uncle Sam's breakfast cereal in blue porcelain fluted ramekin

I don’t think I could ever own enough white ramekins in all different shapes and sizes. Not only do they look really pretty, but they are also great for portion control.

Slice up some fresh apples while your at it to top everything off perfectly!

Healthy apple date crisp dessert with whipped cream dollop & Uncle Sam's cereal

What is your favorite fruit to use in a crisp?

Cereal Topped Apple Date Crisp Recipe

Please dash over to the Attune Foods website to  see my crisp recipe + more.

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MarlaMeridith.com disclosure: I am excited to be a brand ambassador with Attune Foods. All of the thoughts, expressions and ideas in my posts for them are my own.

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    • Averie, you know how I always show cups of coffee in every blog post. How did I miss that this time. Always lots of coffee for me, especially in the morning!

    • Marina, we would have a blast prop shopping together. I bet up by you we would find amazing vintage & kitschy stores. And I bet we would spend lots of money too!

    • Esi, me too. I could find a way to make a crisp with every single fruit…fresh, dried & frozen. Come to think about it I should just start a blog dedicated to crisps.

  1. Oh Uncle Sam cereal! This was a staple for me in the summer when I was traveling/camping. I sprinkled this cereal over bananas and topped it with walnuts, raisins, and maybe some maple syrup if there was any around.
    I love the apple and date combination you’ve concocted here. Sounds so fresh!

    • Alyssa, such a great breakfast you enjoyed while traveling & camping. Uncle Sam’s cereal is great sprinkled over just about everything. Awesome in yogurt parfaits too! I am liking the idea of the maple drizzle.

  2. you always have such great recipes! I love to read your blog for inspiration and I’m also motivated with new breakfast ideas, this one is no exception!

  3. This looks delicious! Congratulations for being selected as a brand ambassador! I suspect it will be a GREAT fit and I can only imagine how please you are…I certainly know how lucky THEY are!

  4. Yummy tummy fruit crisps are the ultimate comfort food. I will have to try this uncle Sam cereal! Love your super cute apple napkins!

  5. I love that Uncle Sam wheat flakes cereal. I also put it in my granola when I make it. What a great idea to use it as a crisp. I recently was able to use a bunch of free coupons from them and stocked up on all their products. Love the rice crispy cereal, too. And I have a box of graham crackers that I haven’t even tried yet. That must be remedied!
    I think that apple is probably my favorite fruit crisp.

  6. This looks fabulous! I love the suggestion of topping with fresh greek yogurt, always a staple in my refrigerator. I’m like you, I have white ramekins bursting from my cupboards but like mention they are perfect for portion control.

  7. I love Uncle Sam cereal! I was so excited to find it in our local Walmart the other day! Apple is by far my favorite fruit to have in a crisp but I love the addition of dates!!!!

    • Callye, that is awesome that Uncle Sam’s is now available in Walmart. Healthy, tasty cereals like this should be readily available to all! You gotta try the apples with dates…heavenly :)

  8. Thanks for linking to my coconut whipped cream recipe Marla! Always love visiting your blog – beautiful EVERYTHING! :)

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