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Homemade SpaghettiOs & Mini Meatballs

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time40 mins

OMG. You will be sooooo happy that I came up with this recipe for you & I.

My kids went nuts for this Homemade SpaghettiOs & Meatballs Skillet Dinner. It takes no time at all to make this classic right in your very own home.

 8 ounces dry Pasta Rings or Ditalini, cook to package directions
Mini Meatballs
 1 pound lean ground Beef or Bison
 1/4 teaspoon Garlic Salt
 1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper
 1/4 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
 1/2 teaspoon Minced Dried Onion
Tomato Sauce
 6 ounces (1 can) Tomato Paste
 1/2 cup Marinara Sauce
 1/4 teaspoon Garlic Salt
 2 tablespoons Heavy Cream
 Olive Oil
 2 cups Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese blend

Pre heat oven to 400 degrees F with rack in the middle. Cook pasta & drain (best to keep a bit al dente.) Toss with some olive oil.


Make mini meatballs, about 3/4 inches each. Combine meat with seasonings. Roll in your hands. Place on a single layer on a tin foil lined baking tray. Bake meatballs for about 10-15 minutes, until browned & almost cooked through.You will end up with about 40 mini meatballs.


In a bowl stir to combine tomato pasta, marinara, garlic salt & cream.


Coat a cast iron skillet with some olive oil. Add pasta to the skillet, gently fold in the sauce.


Add the meatballs. Make sure they are evenly distributed in the pasta. Top casserole with cheese. Bake uncovered 10 minutes. Increase oven heat to broil. Melt cheese until it is golden brown & bubbling about 4-5 minutes. Watch carefully so it does not burn.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 6 Servings