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Recipe: Pink Lemonade Rosé Sangria

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 mins

Can you believe the official kick-off to summer is here?! I love Memorial Day weekend. My favorite festival MountainFilm is here, the beginning of a jam packed summer here in Telluride. To celebrate all the fun I couldn’t resist crafting a new cocktail for you! Rosé all Day has become a regular slogan in our lives. This Lemonade Rosé Sangria will take center stage at any party or get together.

 1 bottle Rosé wine (you don't need to use an expensive bottle for this)
 2 cups pink lemonade
 1 cup sparkling water
 sliced apple, berries, kiwi, citrus (your call)
 simple syrup to taste

In a pitcher, combine the wine, lemonade and sparkling water. Sweeten to taste if desired. Add sliced fruit and berries.


Place some fruit into each wine glass before pouring the sangria.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 6 Cocktails