What I’m Reading: RISE by Lindsey Vonn

We are relishing every single moment here on the island of St. Barths. I’m hoping the time slows down just a bit as I’m not ready to go back to mud season in Telluride! For this vacation (our spring break) I decided to bring several books to read. I rarely have time to read at home with everything else going on. This quiet respite is more than welcomed after a very busy winter season!

One of my most treasured moments so far this year (which I will remember for a lifetime!) was meeting @lindseyvonn at @gorsuch during the FIS Alpine World Cup 2023 games in Aspen. I’ve never followed her career too closely, but I was eager to read her story. Lindsey‘s memoir book RISE is an amazing insiders peek at her life’s journey. Having suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, it’s always interesting to read someone else’s story of how they’ve found ways to successfully manage mental challenges. Seeking the right help & opening up about mental health is the best way to begin the road to recovery. Lindsey outlines her path in such a comfortable, honest way. I hope anyone who suffers these issues can seek solace in her words.

Reading Lindsey Vonn’s book RISE on St. Jean beach in St. Barths
St. Barths view of St. Jean Beach, the colors here are so mesmerizing! A great place to unwind and catch up on reading.
Lindsey Vonn signing her book Rise at Gorsuch in Aspen.

As someone obsessed with skiing, learning the details of her ski career is fascinating to me. Throughout Lindsey’s career she suffered many injuries that could have stopped he in her tracks, but she persevered. The accounts of her accidents are vivid & scary. Reading about her crashes & how she triumphantly got through them are encouraging for those healing from all kinds of wounds.

I’ve also had a few knee surgeries as a result of my favorite sport….it sucks so bad to get hurt but what we learn in recovery sets us up in ways we could never imagine for greater things in life.

“Ski Fast” such a sweet inscription on my new book!

Lindsey is an inspiration for all women. She has always stood up for herself and continues to make positive impacts every day. I love her snarkiness when people piss her off….I react in very similar ways that she describes when people get in my way! Her astute business sense is very empowering. She’s a go-getter on & off the slopes.

Another beautiful thing about LV that I greatly identify with is her love for her rescued doggies. My 4 coonhound pups are also from rescues @secondchancehumanesociety & @carolinacoonhoundrescue As you likely know they are the loves of my life!! I couldn’t imagine my world without them. Her bond with her dogs has gotten her through so much in life. My fur babies are my full time job when at home, we all dote on each other so much. The love we all share is unconditional all around.

When I got back from Aspen I had my new book on a high shelf. Somehow a few of my @powder.hounds.telluride pulled it down & tore it apart. (Oh can they be devils!!) To say I was pissed is an understatement. I picked up the pieces & saved the page Lindsey signed for me. I quickly purchased another copy to make sure it would make it on this trip to St. Barths with me. Her signature is now taped into my new book….and it has way more character then it did the first go around 🐶💪🏼💗🐶🇫🇷🐶🥂🐶

My dogs decided that Lindsey Vonn’s signature was very tasty! Thank goodness for clear packing tape.

~ Marla Meridith

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