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Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

By Marla Meridith / March 28th

  As the weather transitions from winter to spring (a bit slower where I live in the mountains) it's time to think about Easter baskets and festive holiday decorating. I love decorating Easter eggs and I also love temporary tattoos, so naturally it's fun to pair them together! These eggs are super easy to make and all of the directions ...Read More

Donut Snowman Pops

By Marla Meridith / November 29th

  It's so fun during the the holidays to make whimsical treats. These Donut Snowman Pops require only a few ingredients and lots of giggles while you make them. I was talking to my snowmen friends as I assembled them. This is a great edible craft to make with your kids. Kiddos will have fun naming them, dressing them and ...Read More

Easy Shaving Cream Easter Eggs DIY

By Marla Meridith / March 8th

I have always loved Easter...for all the delicious candy, occasional sightings of cute furry creatures, Peeps and pastel colors. I also love making Easter eggs. These were especially fun and really easy too. If you have kids, then this is a great way to keep them busy over the weekend or spring break. (A great way to get them off ...Read More

Jelly Bean Jewelry

By Marla Meridith / March 25th

The Easter bunny is hopping over in just a few days, can you believe it?! Where did the winter go? We've been experimenting with all kinds of edible Easter crafts & this Jelly Bean Jewelry has won the hearts of my kids and myself! This craft is super easy & is a festive way to display your love of the season. Besides, ...Read More

How to Make a Candy Christmas Wreath

By Marla Meridith / December 7th

Hi guys! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. We were busy crafting all sorts of things for Christmas! How cute is this Candy Christmas Wreath?! It's such a fun project to do with your kids when they are home for the long holiday break. I'm always looking to keep my kiddos busy. Here in Telluride, they are either on the ski ...Read More

HLN Feature! DIY Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

By Marla Meridith / February 12th

We are just 2 days before Valentine's Day & I'm sure lots of us are scrambling to make pretty & memorable crafts for the big day! Tune into HLN today at 12:40 EST where I'm talking #DIY crafting for #valentinesday with your kids! These will be featured.. My kids have been so excited about passing out their Valentine's ever since Christmas day passed. And here we are! ...Read More

Free DIY Valentine’s Printables

By Marla Meridith / January 13th

Do your kids pass out Valentine's at school? Mine sure do & they are all ready planing for it! I've designed some cute ones for them & you! Simply print & cut out.... These Free DIY Valentine's Printables are a simple & happy way for your kids to tell their classmates how cool they are. Glue on some treats too if you ...Read More

Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments

By Marla Meridith / December 13th

Looking for a fun + crafty project to do with the kids this weekend? Salt Dough Ornaments are so fun & super easy...a great way to personalize the holidays! I'm sure most of you have prettied up your Christmas trees all ready, but if you wish to add some more embellishments these Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments are the answer! They make super cool ...Read More

BOOrific! DIY Halloween Recipes & Crafts

By Marla Meridith / October 5th

Happy Sunday friends! I've been bouncing all around Pinterest & there are so many AMAZING ideas out there for Halloween I had to share some of my favorites....The freebie spooky printables above can be found here. Enjoy all this eye candy & it's time to get busy creating! (more…) ...Read More