12 Successful Blog Trends for 2012

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There are quite a few trends I have noticed in the past year that we can use in 2012. Special touches that make a blog extra special no matter what kind of blog you have. We all want our unique qualities to shine through. That’s the point right? You want people to pay you a visit for your excellent content…no matter what your specialty is.

I cite some examples here, please note that I read tons of blogs and can only fit a smidgeon of my favorites in this post. These blogs fall into many & quite possibly all of these categories.

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Bloggers who share their fab personalities through unique writing have gobs of success. We each enjoy different writing styles. I love short, quick snippets of prose with sharp wit, colorful-descriptive words and a touch of sarcasm. Basically I want to giggle out loud when I read. There are many folks who write longer content, that works great too.

Short + sweet just happens to be my favorite writing style for my teeny-tiny attention span. A few blogs that shine for me…

San Juan mountains in the fall with snow

Diverse Content.

A great blog goes way beyond the food and recipes for me. I love to learn more about the bloggers lifestyle, travels, wanderings, craft ideas and more. These folks hit on all of that. They always keep my entertained…

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A blog without unique style and creativity is not going to keep me running back for more. These bloggers create creative recipes and serve them up with loads of style and charm. They have distinct personalities that are exemplified in their blogs. They are masters of piping bags, icing techniques, photography, recipe development and more…

Fresh pears, healthy muffins topped with pistachios on pink background.

Photography and Food Styling.

I am a visually minded person. When I knock on the door of a blog I want to squirm with delights that thrill the senses. Amazing photography and food styling are essentials to keep me coming back for more…

Baked oatmeal breakfast with pomegranate seeds, nuts and mint leaf.


Mostly I read food blogs. Obviously.

We all need to hone in on the ingredients that thrill us. These folks are so creative in the kitchen and their passion shows in each and every recipe they create. These are diverse offerings, with very dedicated readers…

Healthy turkey sandwich, fresh fruit and frittata.


Lots of folks share great advice on all of the things we want to learn about. Here are a few of my favorites. There are also awesome YouTube offerings.

"Vintage Stitches" Free holiday gift tag printables on


These days bloggers tend to share way beyond their chosen niche. Food bloggers have become go-to travel experts, lifestyle activists, crafters and talented graphic designers. Many blogs not only share recipes, but amazing travel portfolios and DIY craft projects. Free downloadable printables are all the rage. (Yours truly even had some Holiday Tag printables for you this year!)

You can get some of the most spectacular DIY designs out there by your favorite bloggers. A few to check out…

Canon f/1.2 50mm pro camera lens on Pip design studio plates.


Workshops have become an essential way to get better at your craft no matter what it is. Attend workshops when you can on what you love and want to get better at.

It is fun to learn from leaders in the community and to meet fellow bloggers for reals. Lots of them travel the globe teaching skills in all sorts of things. These workshops are worth the investment and are a lot heck of a lot cheaper than a 4 year college degree.

BlogHer Food conference in San Francisco


It is great to sit behind the computer. Even better when you can meet other bloggers for real!

I always love seeing what people are like in person. Usually they are quite like you would picture. Other times not. Depending on what your blog focus is there are gobs of conferences around the world in all blog topics. I often learn about new ones by watching my pals on Twitter. guest post on FoodieCrush blog

Guest Posts.

This is a great way to build community. Share your blog space or perhaps guest post on someone else’s. As a general rule of thumb, here is a quick tip: Don’t send mass emails promoting the content you would like to share. Create friendships, bonds and relationships.

Let the guest posts happen organically.

Little girl jumping up to reach a Swiss flag in Telluride CO

Diverse Social Media.

Grab it. Bloggers are spread out around the internet and well beyond. If you don’t all ready, be sure to have a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account,  Pinterest boards and a Stumble page. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever lived without Instagram in my life!

Each person has there own unique favorites when it comes to social media. I know a lot of folks like Google +. I have not had much experience with that one. Once you have those social media platforms set up, then create communities over there. You will get lots of new fans + friends when you periodically interact on those platforms too. They are sort of like mini blogs.

Easy Lunchboxes for back to school lunch box ideas

Online Events

Host a one time online event one or one that becomes a series. This year Lisa from With Style and Grace and I hosted Two Peas and Their Pod virtual baby shower. That was a huge amount of fun for all the bloggers involved and a great surprise for Maria and Josh!

My Project Lunch Box series is a great example of an ongoing blog event.

Homemade apple or carrot pear sauce in Kerr mason jar.

My goal with this post was to inspire you to reach out, share and be your best! XOXO

~ Marla Meridith

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91 thoughts on “12 Successful Blog Trends for 2012

  1. LOVE this post. Great reflections on some great things, and nice reminders of some very talented bloggers and the variety of fab content that they contribute to the blog world! XO & thanks for loving my blog too. Love ya back!!

  2. Thank you for such an encouraging and comprehensive post! My blog was finally born on Nov. 16th and I’m quickly learning that the best advice is right here online. I love all the examples and references you have included. I’m bookmarking this post for reference!

    1. Hi Mimi! Congrats on launching your blog. It is a great community of people out there. You are right…so much talent and great ideas for inspiration. Glad you like the post.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Marla. It’s amazing how things change. Just in the last few months my traffic has more than doubled just from Pinterest and StumbleUpon alone. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2012. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Marla, I love this round up. Some of my favorite sites, and thank you for the introduction to ones new to me. Here’s to a 2012 that’s full of wonderful discoveries!

  5. A lovely post! Thanks for sharing all those links with us.

    Best wishes for 2012! I’m looking forward to reading you next year.



  6. What a wonderful post! I have to check out all the different blogs!! What I love most about blogs, is that you learn so much from others. My main goal right now is to learn how to take decent photos. I am most definitely going to check those blogs out that you like. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Jennifer, glad I could point you in the right direction! The best we can all do is help each other & keep practicing the things we love to do best. It will be fun to watch you learn new photo skills!

  7. GREAT roundup of talented bloggers – Some I had never even seen/heard of before. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for all the great tips! We look forward to 2012 – hoping to attend some conferences and meeting you in person.

  8. Loved the post before I even read it. You’re right, so many ways to a great blog but it’s finding your own style and voice that will keep people coming back (at least your family). Thanks for the mention. And love coming back here often, but you already know that.

    Happy new year to you and your darling family.

    1. Glad you like the post Mike. Everything about your blog reflects love, great taste, dedication and a wonderful passion for life! I am so happy to have you as a close online friend…and one day I am sure we will hang out for reals!

  9. Wonderful post, Marla…and I love reading the blogs you linked up and listed and what floats your boat.

    Many of them I read, actually 95% of them I read, too I’d say….some in stealth just to stare at their beautiful pics. As you are, I am visually driven , too.

    And to be inspired by other people’s food, recipes, creativity, photography…that’s why I read blogs…and to connect. I am honored you linked me up in your list, thank you! Trust me, your blog inspires me, you inspire me..your photography, dedication, creativity…I love ya!

    I cannot wait to connect in 2012. Now go enjoy paradise for me 🙂

  10. What a fun & fantabulous post! Love all the blogs you highlighted! Always thrilled to discover new ones! And thank you so much for including mine!! I love your blog! I’m always entertained and enthralled with the beautiful photos!

  11. Great tips, Marla! Thank you for introducing me to some blogs I have not yet visited. Happy 2012!

    P.s. I got to meet Bev a couple of weeks ago. She is even more fun in person than she is on the blog!

  12. Great post, Marla. I’ve discovered some new blogs from reading this; thank you! I still have so much to learn about blogging and photography, and your post had some excellent tips that I’m going to make sure I put into practice and/or continue developing. Thank you!

  13. Great post and great reminders on what really matters for taking a blog to the proverbial next level. I think voice and photos are probably the two biggest things — along with being able to inform and educate in some way.

  14. Great post with some wonderful tips!! It’s also wonderful to see some of my favourite bloggers listed there, but also to discover some new ones too.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2012 holds fabulous things for you.

  15. You absolutley made my day. I am excited to find new blogs too! I just know this year is going to be good. I haven’t been this hopeful about a new year in quite a while. Cannot wait to see what is in store for all of us. Happy New Year!!!!!

  16. Marla- that was an epic post! I am so honored that you would include me. Thank You 🙂 Family Fresh Cooking embodies every topic you discussed above- I am in constant wonderment at your beautiful creation.

    1. Heather, “epic?!” Why thank you my friend! I had a blast putting this together. Glad some more folks will find you fab blog through the link here! It is well deserved that more people find you girl. xo

  17. Couldn’t agree more with you that growth comes organically, and if you say it from the heart it will resonate.

    Great round-up of some of the best of the web, and so many others out there to discover! Thanks for including FoodieCrush, so flattered to be in such esteemed company!

    Happy New Years Marla, just love what you do for the blogging community.

    XOXO H

    1. Heidi, I think we all need to remind ourselves from time to time to be more organic with our blogs. It is hard not to get into the rat race of numbers, Alexa scores, Google rankings etc.
      FoodieCrush is one of my all time favorites. You are a rock star and a gem in the biz.
      I hope to meet you for reals in 2012 🙂 xo

  18. Awesome roundup of useful advice and lovely blog recommendations. Funny you mention short and sweet writing – I’ve always wished I were capable of that!

    1. Cara, your blog is amazing & your recipes are top notch. Keep doing what you do best & never be ashamed to use your own voice. (not sure “ashamed” is the word I am looking for – distracted!) I hope you have the opportunity to check out some of the other blogs. I am so proud of you & the Clean Eating gig as well! xo

    1. Joanne, meeting you at Foodbuzz was certainly a highlight of my trip to San Francisco & my year. I might be in NYC this March, if I am then we MUST hang out 🙂

  19. What an incredible post, Marla, from beginning to end. I was completely immersed in the post and then saw my blog included, which made me smile like crazy–thank you so much for that! I’m really touched that you would include me in such a list of talent. That aside, this post is so informative, and you have such a gift for writing, sharing and so much more–your name should be on every one of those lists as well. 😉 Wishing you and your gorgeous family a year filled with love, health and continued success! xo

  20. Great post Marla. I love everything about it. Thank you so much for popping over and saying HI at FG. It always makes me smile when I see your name in the comments. Happy New Year. I hope our paths cross in 2012.


  21. Even though I am not a food/diy blogger anymore, I loved this post! I always enjoy seeing others give tips and tricks about blogging, as that is what my blog is all about. Thanks for being generous and sharing this article. 🙂

  22. This blog is like going on an adventure with all the great pictures of scenery
    and food. Healthy family recipes are a great part of what your blog is about.
    So needed in raising a family today. Also ways to stretch the family budget are
    evident. In this economy, everyone is looking for deals that save money and how
    to feed their family the best way nutritionally at the same time. Thanks

    1. Dusty, such a sweet comment. Thanks so much for stopping over & joining in the adventures! I love to mix it up for you guys. Tying together recipes, travel, healthy lifestyle and occasional crafts keep things interesting for all of us. Hopefully I will be able to share some more fun destinations with you all soon.

  23. Fantastic share! Love it how you broke it all out. Thanks for including me – I’m honored to be mentioned by you and alongside all these talented folks. 🙂