Alice in Wonderland Garden Tea Party: OC Style

Flowers, Friends & Candy at Spring fundraiser.

I have to share with you guys one of the most beautiful events I have ever attended. The theme of our spring school fundraiser was “Teatime in Wonderland.”  A Wonderland it was.  I could hardly socialize I was so busy taking photos.  It was a bluebird sky day, filled with love, laughter and friendship.  Each table had it’s own hostess. Each hostess brought to life the Alice in Wonderland theme with their own visual twist.

From Queen of Hearts, to Happy Unbirthday tables, the story book unfolded before our eyes.  All of the senses were stimulated. In this post I share the gorgeous table I was a guest at.  There is a part 2 post with a bunch of the other tables too. I hope you enjoy this visual journey of color and fantasy.

Alice and Wonderland tea party fundraiser

Spring garden tea party fundraiser, Alice in Wonderland theme.

There was an elegant catered luncheon for the guests with delicious tea sandwiches.

Friends at spring fundraiser tea party.

A true wonderland…….what would Alice think?

Spring garden tea party fundraiser, Alice in Wonderland theme.

pink text on blue background

Fancy pink and black table tabletop with cake, candy and bright flowerspink and blue scriptMy friend, the ultimate hostess had a great team.  She worked with these very talented vendors:

Couture Flowers
Sweet Gems Cakes

~ Marla Meridith

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51 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Garden Tea Party: OC Style

  1. Holy… that must’ve taken a lot of time and money to set up! It all looks fantastic; I’m glad it was a fun time. 🙂

    1. I know, a huge amount of time commitment and dedication go into this event each year. They start planning as soon as school starts. Just wait, I have more gorgeous photos coming in the next week or so. These women are truly amazing, especially my lovely friend!! Her creative visions are amazing. xo

  2. Marla,
    Thank you so much for posting the beautiful photos!
    It was so much fun to create such a magical table and if I can make my family and friends feel special, loved and “taken away” for a few hours than its all worth it!!!
    My husband Bob and I went to Prague and Paris for what was meant to be a short anniversary trip, and we found ourselves “stuck” in the Iceland Volcano travel mess. Therefore, with extra time on my hands, I was able to search Paris, Prague, Germany, and London for all of the table goodies.
    We had to purchase an extra suitcase to bring everything back!
    Bob was a good sport (thanks honey 🙂 as we searched several shops, in every which direction!
    I was completely overwhelmed and turned into a 4 year old when we entered the “marshmallow” shop within the Harrods Food Halls. We returned home 5 days before the event (a wonderful Luncheon supporting school)
    I could not have brought our table to life without the help of these very talented ladies – Kimberely Perry of Couture Flowers, Michelle Tramma, Grace Chyun of Sweet Gems Cakes, and Dearest friend Kelly Thiel!
    Christyne sutton-olson

    1. Christyne, so glad you get to re-live your generosity and creativity through photos and smiles. You have touched the lives and hearts of so many and will continue to do so daily my lovely friend! My readers are truly captivated by your talents. Folks from all around the world get to enjoy this beautiful event through photos. Thankfully we were all lucky enough to attend in person!
      If you guys are looking for some great resources, Christyne mentions them in her comment. Check out her team, they are all very talented.

  3. What a beautiful tea party, Marla! Your friend is so talented — she should think about designing professionally (if she’s not already a designer!). I am in awe over all the lovely attention to detail.

  4. Beautiful party! Send my love to Christyne. She was my neighbor in Corona Del Mar before she got married.
    Also…we are opening Wonderland Enchanted Bakery & The Enchanted Garden at The Grove in Los Angeles later this year. Delicious fun for all!

  5. That is the perfect party for a little girl, I will have to show these pics to my mom, maybe next year we can do this for my little sis, she would go bonkers!! Great pictures.


  6. Dear Christyne..once again you reach new heights…..words cannot describe the beauty….you ALWAYS take things to a different level…( I am not worthy!!) Kat

  7. You last post about my two favourite gals at Border Grill drove me nuts, and now this! You do lead a very fun and full life, Miss Marla! Love the well situated lollipops! Your bow was past darling. I have never seen an event like this before… but, was at Harrod’s Food Floor a few days before your pal and actually have a post coming out shortly about that… so I know exactly how she felt there. Thank you for sharing. It is truly an event that would not be the same anywhere else!

    1. Valerie, I can’t wait to see your post from Harrods!. Did you try the giant marshmallows? As always thanks for your sweet comment.

  8. Christyne Olson, I’m proud to say, is my daughter. I was honored to serve as a waiter at this gala event. Let me just say this; she never ceases to amaze me with her talents, style,and taste, all of which she must have learned from her mother.

  9. Christyne did it again!!!!! She has a rare talent of transporting one into a Fantasy World of delight and laughter!!! The decorations and goodies were beyond description, a true sugar addicts delight!!!! My favorite macaroons from Laduree and the marshmallows from Harrods were a delightful , new experience. The Red Velvet cakes was beyond fabulous, with the tiny teacup spilling tea. ….. I wanted all the lanterns to carry the fantasy home . The Top Hat , Tea from England, was “Top Drawer”. Alice in Wonderland, wherever you are, eat your heart out.
    Thanks, Marla for the fab photos and you wear lollipops VERY well…………

  10. Dear Ladies,
    It was such a pleasure spending the afternoon with you all.
    The amount of time and effort put into these tables (and this blog), are a true testament to your commitment and dedication for your school and your children’s education.
    I was so proud to be taking part of this celebration.
    I can’t believe the details you guys put into that table I’m just jealous I didn’t get some of those scrumptious candy and cake you had at your table YAM!

    1. Jaime: Yes, they do have this fundraiser every year in the spring. The theme changes, but it always out of this world! Something to look forward to 🙂