Back to School: Everyone’s Happy!

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Back to school…….

has been a huge success for all.  My daughter had an easy transition to Kindergarten, my son a very speedy entrance into pre-school.  My husband and I are enjoying a bit more time in the day to focus on life’s stuff.

People always told me that even though I will have more hours in the day with the kids in school it will still never be enough time.  Honestly I doubted them.  Now I am 100% on board with that claim.   There are loads of really responsible things I should be doing with my “extra” time.   Ya know, changing sheets, doing laundry, blogging, cooking, cleaning, more cleaning.

What is really consuming my time……

As many of you all ready know I tied in a new sport with the start of school.  Good old fashioned Beach Boys, wave crashing, wetsuit wearing, surfing.  THRILL TO THE BONE surfing.

I surf with some really cool, honest, inspirational women.  From the moment we hopped on the boards we were hooked.  Not only do the ocean waves inspire us as we surf.  The whole experience has inspired each of us to catch, ride, dive in and under our daily challenges as wives and mothers.

We now face our lives with an even stronger, empowering energy than ever before.

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Back to the kids…….and life as a mom.

My kids are beaming when I pick them up each day from school.  A day hasn’t gone by without my son saying “I had fun!”  What more could a proud mommy want to hear!  My daughter always (well most always) greets me with a smile and a new piece of artwork.  Through her six years it has been so fun watching scribbles turn into shapes.  As she grows, shapes turn into people, animals and silly space creatures.

Getting out the door in the morning………

Yes it is challenging, but we have become pros.  Let’s face it sometimes there is no time for the picture perfect hot breakfast. I try to have a fridge full of Oatmeal, Homemade Granola Bars and Stuffed French Toast on hand.  Sometimes it is just all gone.  It happens, even with the best advanced planning.

Can we blame the surfing habit, maybe???

This is when we need to improvise.  Without a doubt my kids are going to be sent out with a clean, healthy, yummy breakfast.  Even I have reconciled that a bowl of cereal can be OK, with the following additions.  I give them cereal made with whole grains and we add “Sprinkles” of this and that to make a complete meal.

A Few Family Fresh approved cereals:

Organic Wheetabix

Ezikiel Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal

Organic, unsweetened O’s (Cheerio kinda thing)

Uncle Sam Cereal

Unsweetened/Whole Grain Puffed Cereals

A few handfuls of Rolled Oats (Museli)

Instead of milk the kids sometimes like Kefir (cultured milk/yogurt) in their cereal.  It comes in many flavors.

“Sprinkles” include the following:

Chopped Toasted Nuts, or Seeds

Ground Flaxseed

Handful of chopped Fruit, Berries, Dried Fruit

Splash of Flaxseed Oil

Splash of Maple, Agave or Honey

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger or Cardamom

Adding the “sprinkles” helps to create more balance in the meal (besides it makes you feel like you are giving them more than a bowl of cereal!!!) The addition of the Healthy Fats will slow down the burn of the carb dense cereal.

The Back to School thing has been great for us all.  It is adding “life” to our lives and nurturing to our souls.  When we come together at the end of a busy day it is so fun to connect and share our experiences together…….growing stronger as individuals and as a family every day!

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~ Marla Meridith

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