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Badrutt’s Palace Hotel: St. Moritz, Switzerland


Badrutt’s Palace is the grande dame hotel that sits perched above the splendid village of St. Mortiz in the upper Engadin region of Switzerland. This Swiss Deluxe Hotel caters to royalty, the international chic Jet set and …….. me! Yes, I spent 2 glorious nights in this historic 5 star hotel. Every whim, wish and desire was catered to with a smile and the upmost service. They had lots of surprises and culinary treats in store for me upon my arrival. Join me for some fun at Badrutt’s!


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7463


How could a girl not swoon when greeted with a grand view of Lake St. Moritz and the Alps? A Grand Deluxe room…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7474


The perfect place to sip my morning coffee and to enjoy the regional sweet… Traditional homemade Engadin Nut Tarts & fruit gelées.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7507


St. Moritz is the ultimate in Swiss luxury travel and Badrutt’s Palace has a long history of attracting chic international travelers, otherwise known as the Jet set.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7319


The region began as a high altitude haven for summer play and was transformed into a glamourous winter destination by hotel pioneer Johannes Badrutt in 1864.  He made a bet with four British summer pals ~ that they should return in winter. If St. Moritz was not to their liking, he would pay for the cost of their journey from London and back.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7509


If the guests found St. Moritz fabulous in the snowy season, he would invite them to stay as his guests for as long as they wished. This marked not only the start of winter tourism in St. Moritz but the start of winter tourism in the whole of the Alps. How amazing is that! I felt honored to be a part of such an amazing region and experience. St. Moritz has paved the way for ski resorts as we have come to know them.

By the way when I entered my room after a long day of hiking I came home to that water bottle above….such a warming, sweet detail!

Another sweet thing…the full sized, super smelling amenities in my gigantic marble bathroom.

And a Rolls Royce Phantom to transfer me to the Opera and dinner at Chesa Veglia.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7483


I promise that one day I will bring you a winter travel experience from this region. No matter what you are into, staying at Badrutt’s Palace will keep you more than entertained…


 Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7485


They have a stunning indoor pool that leads to a smaller pool outside.

There is also a full service spa that will cater to all of your needs. Everything from massage to facials, couples treatments, hair styling and specialty Ayurvedic treatments. You will leave feeling completely rejuvenated!

If you have kids, the Kids’ Club Palazzino will take great care of them while you dine, play and spa! Skiing is close by at Corviglia Mountain. Shuttle buses run constantly to whisk you to the peaks. (I told you I’ll be back to try the exceptional skiing here!)


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 6880


Now let’s talk about the food! Badrutt’s had a special treat planned for me…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7563


A full culinary tour, cooking demos & tasting extravaganza with their phenomenal world class chefs, pastry chef  Stefan Gerber and executive chef Mauro Taufer.

Not only are they super cute & charming, but they are filled with personality and true love for their job!


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7436


We started with sweets first (a great way to begin any meal, yes?!)

Chef Stefan prepared fresh vanilla ice cream, his signature Minty Mojito Sorbet and Pineapple Dessert Ravioli…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7580


Elegant homemade Badrutt’s tower chocolate truffles adorn everything! I love that Badrutt’s uses this architectural detail to symbolize their brand.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7511


Stefan is a total perfectionist, a genius with flavors and loves the camera!!


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7452


After sweets I visited with the awesome Executive Chef de Cuisine Mauro Taufer.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7598


We had such great time together. We communicated a lot with our hands ~ his primary language is Italian and mine is of course English. There is a lot you can say with your hands and the universal language of great food!

After preparing all of these stunning dishes, I photographed each of them.

Then I sat down at a beautiful table covered in crisp white linens and fresh flowers. Both Chef Gerber and Cher Taufer entertained me while I enjoyed the cuisine. They watched me taste (devour) everything in sight.

They told me I was not to go back to California skinny…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7631


How stunning are these scallops wrapped in wafer thin courgettes and lightly fried squash blossoms? The pesto was made from zucchini! I love Mauro’s creativity.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7518


Plated above is Veal with Paté Sauce and Morels over Pasta Au Gratin. Decadent, tender and delicious!

Pictured below was Helene Badrutt’s (wife of hotelier Johannes Badrutt) favorite dish….Pojarski with Black Truffles and a Fois Gras Cream Sauce. Otherwise known as a Russian hamburger. It is a combo of ground veal and pork mixed with egg, bread crumbs and heavy cream. There is nothing light about it!

This dish is rich and would make the perfect aprés ski meal…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7643


See the carpaccio below? I ate all of it. I think I even licked the plate. It was adorned with shaved truffles, fresh greens and tangy parmesan.

The dish pictured below it is fresh homemade ravioli noodles filled with Roquefort cheese, swimming in a creamy red beet sauce. There was a perfect ratio of creamy, salty, sweet ~ savory perfection going on.

I dipped everything I could in that beet sauce…


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7637


If you happen to find yourself in St. Moritz and you want a first class, personable 5 star experience I suggest you spend some time at Badrutt’s Palace. Be sure to say a BIG hello to my pals Chef Stefan and Chef Mauro.

This is a full on culinary, fill all the senses experience that you will never forget.

Memories that last a lifetime ~ that is why Badrutt’s Palace remains the ultimate St. Moritz experience for so many international travelers.


Badrutt's Palace | Luxury Swiss Deluxe Hotel | IMG 7705


Have you ever stayed at Badrutt’s Palace? What hotel experiences are most memorable for you? Stay tuned for more blog posts on my experiences to St. Moritz!


Related Links Disclosure: I was recently on a press trip to the Engadin region of Switzerland. Badrutt’s Palace was one of my host hotels. They live up to their 5 star reputation and I am thrilled to share my experiences here with you! Thank you to all of the wonderful people who treated me so wonderfully there. I look forward to seeing you all again some time in the near future.




~ Marla Meridith

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  1. So this looks like it beats a trip to the dentist. Wow, Marla. I don’t even know where to begin. From the natural beauty to the food you saw and ate to the accommodations, wow. Can I come with next time?

  2. Wow. What a trip. The food and the amenities look absolutely enchanting. Thank you so much for letting me know where I need to stay the next time I’m in Switzerland! Such a beautiful country!

  3. I think we r going to have to call you Family Fresh Jet Set Cooking! Loved seeing you having fun shooting chefs in Switzerland – it all looks amazing and so delicious.

  4. You want to return to Switzerland in winter and I in summer. You’ve captured some beautiful images of your stay and it’s making me consider another visit. Luxury is certainly a central theme when in Switzerland and it looks like Badrutt’s Palace treated you like royalty. Wonderful! Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip. 🙂

    1. Hi Jean, I agree with you. So much about the Swiss experience is based on luxury. I hope you can take your summer trip sometime soon – I know how important it is to have these exciting trips to look forward to!