Baked Egg {Toad in the Hole} French Toast

I know we all love Baked French Toast. I also know that most of us have a thing for eggs.

Jump for joy! Baked Eggs (Toad in the Hole) French Toast will make your belly smile.

Baked Egg (Toad in the Hole) French Toast |

There are obviously many reasons why this breakfast is amazing.

I take great pleasure in cracking tons of eggs. A meditative sort of process.


Baked Egg (Toad in the Hole) French Toast |


A few reasons why this recipe ROCKS. First off you can make it in a Big Batch. Second, it’s simple to prepare. Thirdly, this breakfast is gluten free. If you use GF ingredients that is.

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Baked Egg (Toad in the Hole) French Toast |


For this french toast I used their 7-Grain and Mountain White varieties.

See that awesome bubble above? I thought that was super cool!


Baked Egg (Toad in the Hole) French Toast |


Bake this french toast for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, all depends on how runny you like your eggs.

Don’t forget to serve with some sticky, sweet maple syrup.


Baked Egg (Toad in the Hole) French Toast |


I had mine with some all-fruit berry jam this morning. Soooooo good!



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~ Marla Meridith

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25 thoughts on “Baked Egg {Toad in the Hole} French Toast

  1. This looks SO delish! And what a perfect meal to serve when out of town guests are visiting to make a large batch at once. Pinning to make this soon. PS ~ LOVE your Mackenzie Childs dishes! Courtly Check is my favorite pattern.

    1. LOVE Mackenzie Childs too 🙂 You can tell! This is the perfect breakie to serve guests and you don’t need to babysit it either!

    1. Right?! Really it’s so very basic….but I used to do only one at a time over the stove! Your life will be so much easier now 🙂

  2. My Dad would love for me to make this for him for Breakfast! I love this recipe, and it looks easy to make. Thanks for sharing.