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Best Beauty Products for Winter Babes

Around here winter is our favorite season! We love the snow, chill in the air and winter sports. What often comes along with the season is dry skin, brittle nails and unruly hair. All of that can all be relieved with these Best Beauty Products for Winter Babes.

We have tested all kinds of products and have found these to be the best in show. Skin will be smooth, hair gorgeous & you will be the ultimate Winter Babe!

COOLA SUNSCREEN Even though it’s winter the sun is bright and you MUST protect your face, especially in the mountains. It’s fun playing super close to the sun in tall mountain peaks (skiing, snowboarding) but the rays are that much stronger. We love Coola for it’s matte, non greasy finish.

NEOCUTIS FACE CARE Preferred by beauty experts & MD’s, this Swiss brand has so many great products. We love the day & night treatments and eye cream. These are anti-aging products that help to replenish and revitalize tired, dry, sun damaged skin.

OM BOTANICAL GENTLE FACE WASH The purest skin care we’ve ever used. Integrity is at the foundation of these products, the owner lives a vegan life that translates into these products. They are extremely gentle “whole food for your skin.” Read their about page for more info.

DR. HAUSCHKA ROSE BODY OIL Another super pure skin care line filled with essential oils and all kinds of great for you ingredients. We LOVE their body oils for after the shower and bath.

RAUSCH DRY HAIR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Marla discovered this brand while skiing in Switzerland. If there’s anybody that understands cold weather hair & skincare it’s the Swiss. We love the fragrances of the products & they really help damaged, weather damaged hair. The shampoo & conditioner for dry hair are favorites.

100% PURE BODY BUTTER We’ve been using these products for years and love them! The whipped body butter will keep skin smooth. Slather your feet with some during the day & before bed, put on socks and let the cream do its thing!

ESSIE APRICOT CUTICLE OIL Essie nail polish is amazing, but have you tried their cuticle oil? We brush it on our nails & cuticles at least 2X per day. Nails become less brittle and way more conditioned.

ELTA MD SPF 31 LIP BALM Made with transparent zinc oxide (a physical sun blocker) this will keep your lips smooth and protected from the sun. We keep this in every medicine cabinet & ski jacket.

SAN FRANCISCO SALT CO. SALT SCRUB This smells great and, exfoliates and smoothes skin. With all natural ingredients and Himalayan salts.


~ Marla Meridith

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