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Blueberry Pie Cookies

Raise your hand if you love summer for all the fresh, fruity pies you get to enjoy! I just love this time of the year…all the fresh berries beckon. Instead of baking up a pie, how about a blueberry pie in cookie form? These Blueberry Pie Cookies are so delicious and I dare you to try eating just one! The good news is, at least 1-3 cookies are a lot less calories then indulging in an entire pie! If you don’t have blueberries on hand you can sub in raspberries, peach, apple, blackberries, plum or anything you desire.

Click HERE for recipe details.

We are completely smitten with these Blueberry Pie Cookies. This recipe is great for entertaining and it will assure you don't eat the entire pie!

~ Marla Meridith

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