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Buttered Spinach with Egg

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

Sometimes we need to kick back with simple soul food. I’m not talking’ heavier Southern cooking (although that’s great too!) What I mean is nourishing foods that make your soul feel reallllly great.

That’s exactly the kinds of gorgeous, whole food recipes you will find on Nourished Kitchen blog and in the cookbook.

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

The idea behind the blog & the cookbook are the same. Farm-to-Table recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle.

The author, Jennifer McGruther introduces us to the wisdom of Weston A. Price in this book. She believes so much in the true value of sustainable & natural ingredients that she started the Crested Butte Farmer’s Market with her husband. Speaking of that I really need to visit Crested Butte someday. I hear it’s gorgeous!!

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

Jennifer believes in a fad-free approach to cooking that emphasizes real, whole foods & high quality ingredients over processed foods. I dig her way & believe the same thing.

Although ingredients in the book are seasonal, they are not hard to find. Flavors are clean, pure & insightful.

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

I chose this Buttered Spinach recipe (page 28 in the book) to show off the simplicity of the recipes, yet the soul warming qualities. This dish is super healthy & protein packed to keep energy levels high! This simple recipe is great for any time of the day.

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

As you can see, I enjoyed my buttered spinach with a side of quinoa & extra hard boiled egg.

You can mix in some barley, pasta or any grains you like, to make a heartier meal.

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

There are so many stand out recipes in this book…a few I must try asap are:

  • Roasted Tomato Salad with Mint (pg.18)
  • Blistered Radishes with Parsley (pg.26)
  • Eggs Poached in Fiery Tomato Sauce (pg.76)
  • Puffed Pancake with Honey & Lemon (pg.81)
  • Chicken in Riesling with Peas (pg.90)
  • Milk Braised Pork Tenderloin (pg.99)
  • Roasted Arctic Char with Sweet Orange & Rosemary Sauce (pg.129)
  • Spot Prawns with Almonds & Garlic (pg. 153)
  • Sweet Spiced Buns with Currants (pg.172)
  • Marrow Beans with Swiss Chard & Lemon (pg.200)
  • Roasted Sweet Cherry Fool (pg.226)
  • Strawberries in Minted Honey Syrup (pg.252)
  • Vanilla Mint Soda (pg. 291)

Hope you are as tempted as I am ~ Enjoy!

Buttered Spinach with Egg | The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of The Nourished Kitchen cookbook to review. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Author: Jennifer McGruther, publisher 10 Speed Press.

~ Marla Meridith

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14 thoughts on “Buttered Spinach with Egg

  1. Wholesome recipes like these just make my heart happy. What a lovely, inspiring book. And Crested Butte is GORGEOUS! I grew up going there with my dad, and now I love the idea of returning (and checking out the farmers market too!)

    1. Me too! Nothin’ like real, whole food cooking. Awesome that you spent so much time in Crested Butte. Not sure what season i’ll get there but i’m determined 😉

    1. Sorry if this is a lame question, but when you say, “Toss the spinach into a large, heavy stock pot. Set it on the stove over medium-low heat, cover the pot with a tight fitting lid & cook for 15-20 minutes, until completely tender.” is that in water? in some butter? Cannot wait to try it. 🙂

  2. This sounds delicious, but I feel like I missed something. How exactly do you cook the spinach. Boiling, steaming or sautéing? You just sat throw in a stock pot. What is in that stockpot besides spinach????? Water? Butter? Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment, add a splash of water to the pan with the spinach. It will slowly steam with the cover on the pan. Enjoy!