Buttery Lemon Garlic Cauliflower Rice


I’ve been ping ponging around the world and wow has it been informative and fun! With all the exploration comes lots of meals on the road, restaurant meals and heavier, calorie dense foods. When I’m back home I like to lighten things up and eat just a bit lighter. This recipe for Buttery Lemon Cauliflower Rice helps get me back to a state of healthy lower carb balance. It’s a tasty way to eat your veggies. Enjoy as a a side dish or as a bed under your favorite toppings. I love it with some salsa, guac, beans and cheese.  


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In just 15 minutes you can have this gluten free/grain free Buttery Lemon Garlic Cauliflower Rice on the table. A great side dish and the perfect alternative to heavy carbs.

~ Marla Meridith

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