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Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

If you ask me, one of my all time favorite comfort food recipes is banana bread. It’s one of the easiest things to bake (pretty much goof-proof) and it comes together quickly. I love mindless baking, especially living here in Telluride, CO at 9,500 feet. Here at altitude things can go sideways quickly. Thankfully that’s not the case with this recipe. This banana bread will work from sea level to way up high in the mountains.

Another banana bread perk is that you get to use up those overly brown bananas you might have no other use for. This is a “quick bread” recipe. What that means is any┬ábread┬áleavened with leavening agents other than yeast or eggs. In this case we use baking soda as the leavening agent. So with all this extra time we have on our hands right now with the stay at home order, enjoy baking up this delicious Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Great for any time of the day when you have a sweet craving!

I’m always a fan of cast iron skillets. They are the best heat conductors and easily go from stove top to oven to the table. I use my 10″ and 12″ skillets daily.

Watch the video HERE.

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~ Marla Meridith

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