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Shop the Post: 10 Essentials You Need for Fall & Winter 2018

By Marla Meridith / August 23rd

  I've been having such a blast shopping the fall fashion & accessory collections. It's always interesting to see which items are completely new to the season and which ones are revivals of the past. As we all know, the most fun thing about fashion and trends is making them your own. You can do that with these 10 Essentials ...Read More

Shop the Post: Moto Jackets are Buzzworthy for Fall!

By Marla Meridith / August 17th

  I have collected & worn moto jackets for a long time. They are pretty much always in style, but this fall they are showing them everywhere! I'm thrilled that I can wear my collection proudly. There are so many playful colors and styling to choose from, many different price points too. If you don't have a moto jacket you ...Read More

Shop the Post: Flower Power!

By Marla Meridith / July 22nd

  I love floral prints so much. I collect all kinds of clothing, accessories and items for the home with flowers whenever I can. A print has to really speak to me though. Sometimes I crave larger florals, but most often smaller ditsy ones. I used to be a textile designer back before I started my website, so beautiful prints ...Read More

Shop the Post: Made you Blush!

By Marla Meridith / July 13th

  Pretty in pink is here to stay. Forever. Especially in the warmer months, but it's also super sweet to wear on cooler days too. I get such a kick out of all shades of pink but I have a special thing in my heart for lighter pink/blush tones. Here are some picture perfect fashions, accessories, items for the home ...Read More

Shop the Post: Beach & Pool Basics

By Marla Meridith / July 7th

  Have any plans to go to the beach or the pool any time soon? There's nothing like making your way out to the water to find out you left something behind. You foot your way out to find your favorite spot in the sand, only to realize you forgot your favorite beach cover up, sunscreen (gasp) or comfy beach ...Read More

Fireworks Fashions: What to Wear for July 4th!

By Marla Meridith / June 20th

  Looking to make your own fireworks with great fashion? Look no further, I've got festive styles for you right here...   I cannot believe that July 4th is creeping up on us so quickly! Gosh, do these beautiful summer days buzz by or what?! I adore red, white and blue and lots of stars and stripes....this is the time ...Read More

New! Shop Instagram

By Marla Meridith / May 29th

  Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce the new shopping tab on ~ you can now shop my Instagram feed right here on MM blog. In the efforts of making everyday life way easier, it's my ultimate goal to listen to your needs. It was recommended quite a few times that we add a Shop Instagram feature. Well ...Read More

Shop the Post: Award Winning Beauty Essentials

By Marla Meridith / May 14th

I LOVE shopping for makeup, skincare and hair products...but sometimes it's hard to choose what to buy with so many great (and many not so great) products on the market. Here's a haute list of products you can rely on. They are the top sellers in their category and I've made it simple for you to shop them in this ...Read More

Shop the Post: Summer Whites

By Marla Meridith / May 10th

I just love white clothing and accessories in the summer. They are easy, breezy and effortless. Your whites don't necessarily have to be all matchy matchy. You can feel just as confident with bright whites as you do with unbleached ones. The choice is matter what, just know you can rock this summer style! Above maxi dress is by ...Read More

Shop the Post: Smitten with Stripes!

By Marla Meridith / May 4th

Are you as Smitten with Stripes! as I am?! Oh how I LOVE stripes, especially in the summer. There are so many fun pieces out there and of course, I just had to share them with you. Whether you opt for a simple striped tee shirt or perhaps you want to dive in a bit deeper with a maxi dress, shoes ...Read More