Coffee Overnight Oatmeal


We all know what the best part of wakin’ up is right?! That first cup of coffee shared with your loved ones! Hang on tight to your coffee cup, there might be something even better…Coffee Overnight Oatmeal. While you are sleeping, the most delicious breakfast is making magic you in your fridge. Instead of adding water to your oatmeal, prepare it with coffee and just a few other ingredients. Let it sit overnight so the oats get nice and creamy. I bet you will jump out of bed for this. I do! I’m not sure if this should be considered breakfast or a afternoon treat, it’s way healthier than plenty of other things you can reach for. After all, it’s oatmeal!


I’m so excited to have partnered up with Folgers the past few months to bring you all kinds of creative ways to enjoy coffee. In this recipe I use a combination of Folgers Instant Coffee and Folgers Perfect Measures


Coffee Overnight Oatmeal made with @Folgers AD ( @marlameridith )


Folgers is on the pulse of everything we could ever want in coffee. They make things super tasty, to suit every coffee lovers palette. And very easy for us. They have a great assortment of K-Cups for single serve and I’m loving Perfect Measures which ensures the perfect cup of coffee every time (without dealing with messy coffee grounds) No matter what your coffee maker is, drip, Keurig, french press, Folgers has a coffee thats right for you. They offer many flavor and roast possibilities as well.


Folgers has made it possible to have the perfect cup of coffee, which saves us from having to run to the local coffee shop. I don’t have time for another stop in the morning.


Coffee Overnight Oatmeal made with @Folgers AD ( @marlameridith )


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Disclosure: MM has partnered with Folgers to bring you the very best coffee experience, right in your own home. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Coffee Overnight Oatmeal made with @Folgers AD ( @marlameridith )

~ Marla Meridith

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