Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava Beans

I know we all LOVE teeny tiny orzo pasta. Guess what?! It just got even better.

Picture pasta tossed with bacon pieces, shallots fried in bacon grease, al dente fava beans all mixed together in a silky sour cream sauce.

Yes indeed….you now got yerself a super lunch or dinner. Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava Beans.


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy


Recently I signed on to work with the Real California Milk folks to promote some of my favorite all time ingredients…all which have to do with those sassy California cows.


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy


They have amazing recipes over there and I am thrilled to share mine with you today.


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy


I made sure to use lots of real California sour cream in this pasta. The taste is perfectly rich….but also light enough for summer meals.

Great for picnics, outdoor celebrations and lunch boxes.


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy


This is a versatile recipe that can be served hot, cold or at room temperature.


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy

Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy


For Recipe Details Click Here


A few Dairy Tid-Bits…

Did you know that June is National Dairy Month? Well now you do!

California is the number one dairy state in the US, producing more milk, butter and ice cream than any other state and is the 2nd largest producer of cheese. (That’s a whole lot to celebrate!)

Be sure to look for these seals next time you buy milk, cheese, sour cream etc…

Real-California-Milk-and-Cheese-Seals-1A California Dairy Pinterest Contest for YOU!

Real California Milk wants you to celebrate everything dairy. They have a super fun contest for you to participate in…with amazing prizes!

Here’s How To Enter:

  1. Create your very own dairy-inspired Pinterest board titled So Very California Dairy. (Check out my board)
  2. Pin a minimum of 4 things: The 30 Days of Dairy Calendar found here, along with 3 Recipes you love from (Link over to pin all four!)
  3. Make sure to hashtag all your pins with #30daysofCAdairy.

Here is the calendar….

Real California Dairy on @RealCalifMilk #30daysofCAdairy

A bit more…

Each week in the month of June, one lucky contest participant will be randomly chosen to win a $60 Williams Sonoma Gift Card.

AND… at the end of the month, one contest participant will be randomly chosen to win a $500 Williams Sonoma Gift Card! Just think of all the fun you could have with $500 at Williams Sonoma!!

You can pin as many additional dairy-driven photos to your board as you like. Just remember to pin with the#30dayofCAdairy hashtag!

So set up your Pinterest board today and Pin-it to Win-it! Woo hoo!

Read official rules here.

Disclosure: I am working with Real California Milk. I love sharing products and ingredients I believe in with all of you!

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~ Marla Meridith

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  1. I have always been so scared to try fava beans – adding a little bacon and sour cream definitely makes me feel a little more brave though 😉

  2. I do love orzo! But alas! I don’t use it as often as I probably should. This looks very good. Except the fava beans. I see myself totally making this but using some other bean. Maybe white? Or kidney?

  3. Your spoons! Oh My World, Your Spoons!!! I’m obsessed with them now. I’ve looked for them thru Google, but I have not found them. I will never be happy ever again in my whole life unless I find those spoons! (slight exaggeration for dramatic effect). Please, would you tell me where you got them? Thanks!
    PS, Your recipes are to die for. But the spoons, oh man the spoons! 😉