Dairy Free Peach Pudding


Summer pudding & custard with peaches and silky soy tofu.

Things this recipe has: sweet & juicy, ripe summer peaches, silky tofu, vanilla extract and stevia. Maple syrup, honey or agave would taste really good in here too. Things it doesn’t have: milk, cream or refined sugars.

I went dairy free with this pudding because I wanted to try something new. I have read about dairy-free tofu based puddings for some time and I needed to do the taste test. The texture is a cross between a custard and a pudding. When the tofu is pulsed in the food processor it turns creamy like a pudding, but a bit textural like a custard.

Summer pudding & custard with peaches and silky soy tofu.

Dessert does not have to be fancy, but it should be satisfying and taste great. Β It should be a sensory experience, but not always a high calorie indulgence. This is not your full fat, comfort food kind of pudding. It is lighter in flavor & texture, but lovely as a small treat that will help curb cravings for higher calorie goodies. It is best served chilled or better yet when it has been in the freezer for 30-60 minutes.

Summer pudding & custard with peaches and silky soy tofu.

Problogger: 8 Habits of Highly Excellent Bloggers

I just finished reading the post by Problogger The 8 Habits of Highly Excellent Bloggers. This tofu pudding covers the points they discuss in their post. How you ask? Here you go:

1. “Deliver the Best value in every article.” As you guys know by now, I shoot for the stars with each & every blog post I write. My recipes, photos, writing and graphics are well thought out and original content. I spend many hours on each post because I LOVE what I do.

2. “Work harder than anyone else.” I work the hardest I can & I KNOW a lot of you guys do too.

3. “Practice what they preach.” That is a given. I constantly promote a healthy, whole food lifestyle for the family. I like having a lot of energy & light/healthy eating takes me to that happy place. I also like to have abs.

4. “Don’t write to please.” You guys are not always going to like every recipe I create. If you want regular pudding, have that. My recipes are suggestions. Take what you like and leave the rest. That is OK. We all have different tastes and interests. Just be nice if you don’t like something OK??

Summer pudding & custard with peaches and silky soy tofu.

5. “Keep things real.” I like real, I LOVE real. I grew up in New York, we say it like it is. If you don’t like my thoughts and opinions then visit some other blogs. We are all adults with opinions. I like to share mine.

6. “Not afraid to be vulnerable.” I put myself out there daily. Some days my moods are better than others. Sometimes I feel like a social mis-fit, other days I feel like Wonder Woman. No matter what my mood I get out there and put my best foot forward.

7. “Keep upgrading themselves.” I am always re-inventing & upgrading myself as a wife, mom, blogger and global citizen. I attend workshops, forums, camps and conferences to learn and stay cutting edge in this vibrant blog community.

8. “Transform lives with their writing.” I write from the heart & I share lifestyle tips and original recipes that work for myself and my family. Many folks have had great success with my healthy recipes. They have learned how to replace sugary treats with un-refined whole food sweets. They are learning how to cook meals at home. They are feeding their children healthy, organic foods made with love. That stuff counts as “transforming others” right?


Dairy Free Summer Peach Pudding

about 4 servings


  • Your peach pudding will last a few days in the fridge. You can prepare it the day before a party or event
  • This pudding is bet served ice cold.
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  • As always, use your own taste buds to determine how you want to flavor your pudding. Β My ingredient lists are wide open for interpretation!
  • You can sub in your favorite fresh fruit & frozen is good too.
  • Slowly add sweetener until your pudding is sweetened to taste.


  • 14 oz non GMO Organic Silken Tofu
  • 2 ripe Peaches (set aside a third peach for sliced peach garnish)
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract (not needed if you use Vanilla Stevia drops)
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon stevia powder, or Vanilla Stevia drops or other natural sweetener to taste


  1. Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend until a creamy pudding consistancy is reached. Sweeten to taste.
  2. Serve cold. Chill in the fridge for at least one hour or put in the freezer for 30-60 minutes.


~ Marla Meridith

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30 thoughts on “Dairy Free Peach Pudding

  1. hey Marla! I’m intrigued by this peach pudding recipe, love the simple ingredients of course. I have only tried tofu a handful of times in sweet and/or dessert-like recipes and as much as I LOVE tofu I can’t seem to get past the taste of it in sweets! Granted, I think all of the things I tried involved chocolate so I wonder if fruit would be different for me. I’ll have to give it a shot πŸ™‚

  2. I cannot wait until peach season! I had one the other day up here and it just wasn’t any good. Silken tofu works great in puddings. I make this wonderful silken tofu pudding that tastes like a decadent chocolate mousse.

  3. Love Peaches, love Pudding, love ProBlogger, oh, and love your Posts. How you managed to combine all three into one fabulous post, well, that’s why you’re pretty darn amazing. This recipe looks utterly delicious and your thoughts on being honest and vulnerable are right on. I know that you have inspired me and now you’re also inspiring my kids. They love to look at your website and recipes. Julia wants to have a party and include your Meatball Lollipops. You’re invited of course!

    1. Kelly, your kids are proof that great health and spot on eating habits can & should start at a young age. We need to encourage our kids to get into the kitchen and out of the vending machines. No drive-thrus here, just good home cooking. Not so sure how I managed to combine all that stuff into one post, but I was determined! xo

  4. I love the 8 commandments of bloggers. You do live by those and your posts reflect that. You also live by the 4 agreements and you are loved and respected because of that. You are a shining positive person who is so incredibly inspiring and hardworking. Yea Marla!

  5. Perfect timing…I’ve JUST been looking into using Stevia as a sweetner. I’m not sure how much I should be using, so I’ll take your advice and add a little at a time. Hubby likes peaches and we’re realizing we really need to start making some eating changes around here. We adore dessert, so this is a perfect start!
    I admire your blogging skills! You are an inspiration.

  6. You’re so right, dessert doesn’t have to be fancy! This looks like the perfect healthy sweet treat to satisfy a sweet craving. Your pictures are gorgeous, Marla!

  7. Great recipe!! I can’t wait for peaches to be in season (REALLY soon!). I have made a recipe similar to this before, but I used chocolate instead of peaches. I like the fruit idea better. Or hey, maybe I could use both!

  8. I’m so impressed by the way you challenge yourself to add new ideas to the food blogosphere and combine ingredients in such intriguing ways. Peaches are at the peak now, and this looks like such a delicious, and healthy, way to use them. Yum and stumbled!

  9. Marla…my peach basket should hopefully soon be at my door too.
    Interesting way you have about using them.
    As usual…great post…especially from one that knows how much time it involves to create a post that you can be proud of.

    Have a great weekend and flavourful wishes,

    P.S. did you pick up your award?…You might have missed it in my last comment ;o)

  10. I have been dying to experiment with tofu in baked goods and this looks so good that it has given me the push to do so! I’m always looking for a healthy way to curb my sweet tooth. Total yum.

    I love your blogging tips and YES you exemplify all of them. You always do an awesome job chica!