Summer Travel: Diavolezza Climb in Switzerland

Marla Meridith

August 25, 2012



Back in June I was in beautiful St. Moritz, Switzerland. I am still dreaming about all of the fun and unique experiences I had there. From 5 star hotels, to the most amazing food to active adventures. I did it all and I need to go back and visit asap! The folks at the St. Moritz tourism board had lots of fun planned for me. One of the first questions they asked when getting to know my interests was “Are you scared of heights?” Thankfully I am not. That is what got me to the Diavolezza. On a trip to Piz Trovat ~ via ferrata (a fixed rope climb.)


Diavolezza Climb to Piz Trovat via Ferratta in Switzerland |


This hike had amazing views of glaciers, the Alps and the Diavolezza ski resort. It beckons in summer and winter.


Diavolezza Climb to Piz Trovat via Ferratta in Switzerland |


Here is my fearless leader Berni Hauser.


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


We had so much fun together. He had many fun life stories to share as we clipped and climbed up the via ferrata.


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


Our route started at 2,850 meters. We climbed 2 hours up to the Piz Trovat at 3,146 meters. We even crossed a teeny tiny bridge that was suspended over a huge crevasse. Looking forward and not down was the bet way to handle that. The views from the top are spectacular. We could see the Bernina Massif. And it is massive!


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


I am sure if Berni was reading this right now he could point out each and every mountain peak to you. All I can tell you is that the views were 365 degrees breathtaking!


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


The region of the Central Eastern Alps we were gazing upon stands between Italy ( Lombardy ) and Switzerland ( Graubünden ). In case you are lost you can read the signs…


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


Or have Berni guide you…


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


The Diavolezza mountain region is a popular ski destination in the winter. It is located close to the beautiful town Pontresina. “La Diavolezza” translates to The beautiful she-devil. You can read about the myth and folklore of this mountain fairy on Wikipedia. Truly unbelievable terrain! I must ski it someday.


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


It was the perfect bluebird sunny day, with some breezy winds and lots of leftover snow.


Summer in the Swiss Alps! ~ Diavolezza fixed rope climb on ©


Have you eve done anything like this? Oh you must!


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  • Rosa
    Posted at 10:21h, 25 August

    Wow, beautiful! What a gorgeous trip. Your pictures are awesome.


    Rosa xx

    • Marla
      Posted at 06:23h, 26 August

      As you know Rosa, I have a giant CRUSH on your lovely country 😉

  • Jean (lemons and anchovies)
    Posted at 11:14h, 25 August

    What an amazing experience and equally spectacular pictures. Thanks for taking us with you. I’ve only ever rock climbed in Telluride but nowhere near like what you did. Very impressed!

    • Marla
      Posted at 11:41h, 25 August

      Jean, believe it or not I have never gone rock climbing in Telluride and I am there all the time! I hear they have a via ferrata near the mine in the box canyon. I am wondering if that is where you went? It is supposed to be cool! Glad I could share this experience with you guys and I hope you get to check it out some day 🙂

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks
    Posted at 11:54h, 25 August

    Just stunning. You truly look on top of the world in that first pic! Sort of like Leo de Caprio in Titanic, King of the World. You’re Queen of the World 🙂

    • Marla
      Posted at 06:24h, 26 August

      That is sweet Averie. Certainly felt on top of the world. Being on top of a mountain is an experience I welcome at any time.

  • Diane
    Posted at 00:40h, 26 August

    Switzerland is so beautiful and you really got to see the best of it by the look of it. Keep well Diane

    • Marla
      Posted at 06:23h, 26 August

      Diane, it was fun to learn so much about the Engadin in one week. Endless places to explore there, that is for certain! Hopefully I will go back for round two in the near future 🙂

  • Kiran @
    Posted at 21:15h, 26 August

    Your photos definitely told a great story!! I want to visit Switzerland but I need to muster a whole lotta enthusiasm for climbing 🙂

    Love the photo of you in the 2nd photo!

    • Marla
      Posted at 08:52h, 28 August

      Thanks Kiran! It is well worth it to muster up the strength to climb. You will never forget this experience if you do it!

  • Kate@Diethood
    Posted at 05:54h, 27 August

    I love your adventurous spirit. I’ve been to Switzerland, but I didn’t make it anywhere near Diavolezza… I just gawked at the country’s beauty and ate. 🙂

    • Marla
      Posted at 08:53h, 28 August

      Kate, sounds like you had a FAB Swiss experience too. Oh so much to gawk at & eat!

  • Marina {}
    Posted at 08:08h, 27 August

    Holy cow I would be freaking out. Yes, I am afraid of heights.

    I’ve been to the Swiss Alps and the view is breathtaking, just like you’ve captured. Next time I need to visit a cheesemaking class rather than just eating fondue the whole time 🙂

    • Marla
      Posted at 08:53h, 28 August

      Marina, maybe cheesemaking and the climb?? I gotta say ~ crossing over the teeny tiny foot bridge perched crazy high made me a bit nervous 😉 FUN though!

  • naomi
    Posted at 08:57h, 27 August

    Great story telling through your photos, Marla! Looks and sounds like you had a great time.

  • HeatherChristo
    Posted at 11:17h, 27 August

    absolutely beautiful Marla! You are a great adventurer!

    • Marla
      Posted at 12:17h, 27 August

      Heather, adventure will forever be my middle name 😉

  • Deliciously Organic
    Posted at 12:50h, 27 August

    So gorgeous! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

  • Valentina
    Posted at 14:41h, 27 August


  • JulieD
    Posted at 14:49h, 27 August

    Wow, what beautiful pictures!!

    • Marla
      Posted at 08:55h, 28 August

      Thanks Julie!

  • Esi
    Posted at 18:32h, 30 August

    So beautiful. Sounds like an incredible experience

  • MikeVFMK
    Posted at 09:05h, 05 September

    Yay. I was looking forward to a follow-up post on Switzerland. So beautiful, I can imagine how great the hiking is there. Beautiful photos, Marla!

    • Marla
      Posted at 14:59h, 05 September

      Thanks Mike! So glad you enjoyed this post. I love sharing these adventures with you guys 🙂

  • Lynda
    Posted at 17:52h, 05 September

    How wonderful for you! I lived near Geneva for 10 years. My husband and I were married there, and it’s the birthplace of our kids. I *heart* Switzerland!

  • Kristina Vanni
    Posted at 12:50h, 06 September

    Gorgeous photos Marla! What a lovely experience – thanks for sharing.


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