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How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

It is time to hit the ground running with everything Halloween! My kids have been desperately hunting for fall leaves as our temperatures soar here in Southern California. I have been non-stop whipping up fall themed recipes and all kinds of Halloween/Fall related crafts.

I adore all kinds of painted mason jars. They are an easy craft. A simple way to add color and style to your holiday table and home decor.

Let’s get all crafty & spooky!

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

What you will need for this craft project:

  • Mason Jars (clear glass, any size and shape is great) make sure they are clean and dry. 32 and 16 ounces are the perfect size. You could do tiny flower bouquet jars too ~ individual sized centerpieces.
  • Acrylic/Water Based Paints I get mine at Home Depot & Lowe’s. Purchase 7 ounce sample sizes, they are inexpensive (about $3.00 each) and you can get any colors you want custom mixed. Behr, Martha Stewart and Glidden are a few brands I use. The 7 ounce containers are great for painting your prop boards too!
  • Plastic Cups These cups are filled 1/2 way with water for your flowers. Choose cups according to the size of your jars. My 9 ounce plastic Solo cups sat perfectly in my 32 ounce mason jars. You cannot pour water directly into these painted jars, it will peel the paint.
  • Flowers Choose flower colors that go well with your decor and party theme.
  • Plastic Spider Rings and any other little holiday trinkets you can find. Have fun!
  • Cotton Spider Webbing To make things a little spooky you need some faux spider webs.
  • Pretty Ribbon Tie colorful, patterned ribbon around the neck of the jars to hide the plastic cup and rim.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |
Step 1: Set up a covered & protective waterproof work surface. A wooden board with plastic over it is perfect.

These jars get a little messy so set up a work space that you can leave undisturbed overnight. Use an impermeable tarp or plastic on top of your work board and definitely on top of any table.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 2: Fill your jar with 1/4 to 1/2 inch paint. 

For smaller 16 ounce or less volume jars you will need a little less paint. For the 32 ounce or larger you will need at least 1/2 inch.

Halloween Decorating Ideas  |

Step 3: Twirl & Swirl

Gently turn your jar upside down and let paint glide all around the container. Swirl and twirl the paint inside of the jar until it is completely and evenly coated.

Why the inside you ask? This paint peels off the container with the slightest scratch of a fingernail. With the paint on the inside this is much less likely to happen.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 4: Turn jars upside down so paint runs out.

Let the paint flow from the jars. Have them sit for ten minutes and then move to another location on your work board. Do this drain and move two more times for ten minutes each. This moving around will last for 1/2 hour. More paint will come out then you think. That is good and OK. Let it happen.

You will get a pretty polka dot pattern like this…

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 5: Let the jars dry overnight undisturbed right side up.

Simple. Do this.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 6: Carefully place a plastic cup inside each jar so it stays nested in the neck of the jar.

Using cups makes it easy to fill and change the water. Do not add the water directly inside the jar. The paint will quickly peel away. 9 ounce Solo cups fit perfect in my 32 ounce jars. Play around with jar and cup sizes. The cups act as little protective liners and water for your flowers. A vase inside a vase.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 7: Tie pretty ribbons around the necks of the mason jars.

This helps hide the rim with the cup poking out and any sloppy paint.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Step 8: Add flowers and decorate with webbing and spiders.

Yay! You did it. Have fun filling and decorating with your flowers, stickers & creepy crawlies!

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

Pretty and spooky can go together nicely right?

When you combine fresh flowers and creepy, crawly spiders and spider webs you end up with both!

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

What kinds of Halloween crafts and recipes are first on your list this year? If you have any fun links for me be sure to leave them in your comment.

I am always looking for more eye to add to my Boo! Halloween Pinterest board.

How to: Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers |

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  1. I love these jars. My youngest doesn’t like a scary Halloween (neither do I) so these will be a terrific project to do together and enjoy. Thanks for sharing!