Fabulous Festive Finds

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There is so much amazing holiday inspiration dashing around online right now!

Here are a few favorites that have caught my eye. You can also visit my Christmas Joy! Pinterest board for daily updates.

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Amazing candy canes from Hammonds…flavors I have never seen before like:

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Love this hand painted pom pom gift wrap from Anthropologie + I have a feeling you can make it yourself.

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Hip, cool, stylish and fabulous! The Anthologie Magazine Gift Guide (digital)

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Another online magazine you must check out is the Sweet Paul holiday issue.

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Who says you need a huge Christmas tree?

Table top Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces or scatter a few around the house for festive holiday flair.

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I love the simplicity of this Mara-Mi Chalet holiday collection.

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Simple elegance also in this collection by Sugar Paper, LA.

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Beautiful painted porcelain by Asleep from day on Etsy. Love the soft color.

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Graphic designer/illustrator Paulo Viveiros is such a talent!

He has an Etsy store you can check out too.

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These cards by Blueberry Paper are stunning!

DIY: Freebie Christmas Advent Calendar on

If you are still looking for an Advent Calendar I have a Freebie DIY one ready for you here on

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With this Holiday Finger-Food Combination Generator you have access to over 504 appetizer bites for those expected or unexpected guests.

All you need is The Base, The Spread and the Finishing Touch. Voila!

Stay tuned for my Festive Holiday Cake tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~ Marla Meridith

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16 thoughts on “Fabulous Festive Finds

  1. Oh my goodness Marla, this visual list is beyond appealing and makes me jump right into the holiday spirit! The tree reminds me of the little rosemary trees they have at Trader Joe’s. My husband talked me out of it since he tends to be he one who has to maintain all of the plants!

  2. Marla, you never disappoint! Hammond’s is local to us and though I’m not a huge hard candy or candy cane consumer their flavor options are impressive and high quality. They make and ship candy canes all year. We took a tour and loved that they are using equipment from early last century. A dying art.

    Love everything on your list!

    1. Hi Toni! Awwww, that is so awesome that Hammond’s has old-fashioned standards. The candy industry is way too commercialized ~ it is special to know that this company has kept integrity and ends up making such fine products. I am awestruck by the selections on their website.

  3. Aren’t Hammond’s candy canes the best? I love tying them on hostess gifts and packages. Those advent calendars are great, I’m going to have to bookmark that for next year.