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Food Heroes by Georgia Pellegrini – Book Review

Cookbook & essay book on preserving culinary traditions.

There is a gal named Georgia. She is worth getting to know. She also goes by The Girl Hunter. I met Georgia at BlogHer Foodlast month. She is an incredible woman. Immediately after talking to her for a few minutes I knew I liked her, she is a beautiful person inside & out. Moments after we started speaking I realize she gets it. The deeper stuff. Truth, knowledge & wisdom reveal themselves as soon as she leaps into conversation.

All of the photos in this post are from Georgia

USA travel photos by food blogger & writer Georgia Pellegrini.

Georgia took herself out of the world of Wall Street & has immersed herself into quite a different lifestyle. These days she seeks out fine culinary artisans.  We are not talking fancy, showy stuff. We are talking the real folks who get their hands dirty. They work the fields, cure the meats, forage for mushrooms & shepherd cheese. They work their crafts quietly, carefully & with great taste. They focus on food and preserving culinary traditions. She meets them & gets to know their craft, taste their food and learn about their lives.

Independent food producers and artisans around the world.

In the book Food HeroesGeorgia travels the world and shares 16 culinary artisans with us. Her voice is strong and gentle at the same time. She has wisdom beyond her years & a refined palate. While reading this book I feel like I am whisked away to another time where there are no big box stores, malls and pre-packaged refined “foods.” The message in this book is both simple & bold at the same time. The book is also peppered with some of Georgia’s favorite recipes.

Worldwide culinary artisans profiled in Food Heroes book.

We need to recognize and preserve culinary traditions before they become extinct. Food Heroes helps us to embrace the folks who love what they do & keep at it out of passion & desire. They are the kind of taste makers that I want to know. For me the best ingredients are grown out of love, care & consideration for out environment.

Country barn in Westchester NY.

This book takes me to a place I need to visit. It slows me down & helps me to ponder what is out there beyond my daily encounters. I get to explore & travel with my taste buds & imagination.

USA travel photo Wyoming, blue sky and puffy clouds and fence.

Georgia was kind enough to offer  a copy of her book for one lucky reader. This is the perfect book to take with you on holiday travels & for when you feel like curling upon the sofa with a steamy cup of tea & a book.


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~ Marla Meridith

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99 thoughts on “Food Heroes by Georgia Pellegrini – Book Review

  1. I have read about her and I find her fascinating. I love this post, Marla. I love the way you speak of her and I am now encouraged to get her book. Lucky you, for meeting her! I missed that one! I want to be her assistant. Can you arrange that? x

    1. Jamie: Keep your eyes peeled – those heroes are subtle, but they are out there!

      Rosa: I know & I am sorry about that. You can find the book at It is something you would love for sure!

      Susan: I know, I would love to tag along with Georgia on her fascinating journeys. Alas, I will watch from afar 🙂

  2. What a LOVELY~LOVELY lady!
    I am surrounded by so much CULINARY Artisians here in the Northwest…
    it makes my head SPIN…in a DELIGHTED way!
    How fabulous that she HONORED these souls!

    1. Lori: I think Ruhlman might be considered something like an artisan. He is so passionate about the food world & doing things from scratch. I did not have the chance to try his bacon at BlogHer Food, but from what it sounds like he should market the stuff!

  3. It’s funny, but my To Read list keeps getting taller and taller. Georgia’s is definitely a book I want to read. Wish I had written it! Thanks for the giveaway! What a great way to spread the word.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us, Marla! Georgia sounds like an incredible woman…love her story! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’ve never met a culinary artisan, but I would love to! 🙂

  5. Wow what fun adventures! Georgia sounds like an amazing lady. How fun that you got to meet her.

    I’ve never met a culinary artisan but my husband has. He created a logo for a family farm that raises chickens, pigs and turkey the old fashioned way – the way it should be done.

  6. A culinary artisan? Well, I did meet the salt guy at the foodbuzz fest and that was cool. His salt is amazing. I wish I could find one around here, (a culinary artisan) because I’d love to have him/her talk to the culinary class I’m teaching next semester. I should look around.
    I think it’s awesome that she met all these people and is preserving that in her book. It must have been so fulfilling as far as work goes.

    1. Mariko: Awesome that you will be teaching a cooking class. You will be so fun to learn from. The salt guy from the foodbuzz fest sounds like a good time. I love trying artisan salts.

      Liz: I had a blast meeting you today at Nestle. Sounds like your local food hero makes some amazing organic flatbread pizza. I am a big fan of really skinny crusts, so this is the perfect pizza for me. I am loving their prayer flag project too.

  7. I feel like I meet culinary artisans every time I go to the farmer’s market. Just simple folk trying to make a living off of quality products that they’ve grown themselves. Nothing better than that.

  8. MN in November, about 75% of the state becomes culinary artisans and seeks the woods and fields for their treasured meal. Soon to be followed by various secret chili recipes or summer sausage samplings!

  9. The Mozzarella Company is in downtown Dallas and my mom took me there several times as a kid to see how all of the cheese was made. It was so fascinating! Cheese is something I’d really like to start making at home. I’ve tried ricotta with huge success so we’ll see what’s next.

    Her book is one on my wish list! I’ve heard such great reviews!

  10. I would love to have this gorgeous book, it looks so interesting! I’m quite sure I’ve met a few food artisans, but they would never label themselves as such!

    1. Sandy: So happy we got to spend time together this week at Dole. I love your energy & I bet you can teach me loads about entertaining – I need all the help I can get!