Fresh Picks! Newsletter for July 2009


Welcome to the 1st Official Newsletter!

Here are your Fresh Picks for July 2009!

Fresh Recipe of the week:This month we sip cool protein shakes in “Shake it up!” We cook Kitchari, a traditional Rice and Lentil dish from India. There are many variations included in this balanced dish!  Also, Marla’s Stuffed French Toast.   Great served hot or at room temperature as a hand held car/kid friendly breakfast on the go!


waxorchards-003Fresh Ingredient: Wax Orchards fruit sweetened Fudge Sauce.  Trust me here, you will not miss the fat and refined sugars.  This is delicious!  Used sparingly this is such a decadent addition to yogurt parfaits, shakes and even my Stuffed French Toast!

Fresh Tips: Play around with the way you slice and dice fruits and veggies.  When you dine at different restaurants pay attention to how they cut the veggies for your salad etc., be mindful about the size and texture of your vegetables.   For example, sometimes the kids will like their carrots cut into sticks other times into flat discs.  With a good knife, Cuisinart and Mandolin slicer you can keep shapes and textures interesting!  Be ambitious and mix it up!

chocolipsFresh Clicks: For Chocolate lovers out there you have got to try this lip balm called Chocolips.  It is made from all natural ingredients with real chocolate.  It also has SPF 15 to protect that pretty little pout!  There are 6 flavors ranging from fruity, “Choco Orange” to dessert divine “Choco Mocha.”

Fresh Thought: To stay energetic throughout the day it is suggested that we eat mini meals (about 4 to 6) a day to keep blood sugar levels stable and to avoid the icky “crash.”  In the same way you keep the tank full in your car, you need to do the same with your body, never let it go to empty.  The first thing we crave when we crash is sugar.  Well balanced, clean, frequent meals will keep the brain and the body charged and will help to avoid the sugar crash pig out!

lunch-lessons-changing-the-way-we-feed-our-children-imageFresh Read: “Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way we Feed our Children by Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes

This book gives remarkable insight on what our kids are eating (and not eating) in the school system.  It focuses on providing our children with wholesome, nutritious, unprocessed, delicious food.  There are loads of kid-friendly recipes as well.

Fresh Blog:

This blog “showcase the ups, downs, outrages, struggles, victories, and everyday humor of motherhood. Our 350-plus writers are working moms, stay at home moms, city moms, suburban moms, and rural moms—but, most of all, they are opinionated moms.”  Please note that this blog is not limited to the LA region.  It covers quite a few territories, but so much of what they blog about is relevant no matter where you live.

~ Marla Meridith

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