July 4th

Happy July 4th!

Even though July 4th will be celebrated differently this year, we can still revel in red, white, blue celebrations. Social distancing is the norm as are face coverings. What we can embrace is family, friendship and our beautiful country. It’s a time to reflect on happiness, JOY and you can still catch those fireworks live online or on TV.

Happy July 4th from Telluride, Colorado!

Here in Telluride, CO we are known for our epic mid-day July 4th parade and evening fireworks. Crowds would typically be huge and our tiny mountain town of 2,500 expands from 18,000 to 24,000 people eager revelers. Obviously that won’t be the case this year as we must adhere to health codes. Looking after each other’s health is essential. I hope you all can enjoy everything we DO have. The freedoms, prosperity and abundance that we can find in life’s little things. Celebrations are what we make of them no matter how big or small. Let’s look at restrictions as opportunities to reinvent how we gather. I would love to hear how YOU are embracing the holiday and long weekend.

So go ahead and put on that pretty dress, make some delicious food and ENJOY!

Fashion notes: My dress is by Saloni.

Over the past decade, Saloni has built a fashion brand synonymous with her nomadic lifestyle. She has garnered a loyal following of women of all ages who come to her for her exacting sense of colour, cut and imaginative collections that are imbued with exoticism, femininity and playful elegance.

Saloni Website

~ Marla Meridith

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