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Hello from Grand Cayman!

Well hello from Grand Cayman! Have you ever been to the Cayman Islands? It is so beautiful here.Β Bright turquoise water, sunny smiles, powder white sand and a whole lot of fun!

Take a peek…

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

This is a family trip that we look forward to every year.

Grand Cayman Island on

It’s obvious why, the scenery is breathtaking.

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

Bright blues, greens and tropical beauties…

Grand Cayman Island on

And the company even better!

Grand Cayman Island on

Our kids get to see their favorite cousins. How cute are those patterned aprons?

My talented niece (Iza Pearl) designed the fabric and my mother in law sewed them.

Grand Cayman Island on

When we are here there is lots of love, giggles and sandy hugs.

That’s my little guy with his cousin Matt.

Grand Cayman Island on

They learn all sorts of new things….including how to wrestle from cousin Grey.

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

Grand Cayman is a place to relax, unwind & listen to great country music tunes while taking long walks on Seven Mile Beach.

Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman Island on

Everyone loves the beach right? Even cute little doggies.

There is lots of food and drink (of course)…

Burger 'n Fries | Grand Cayman Island on

The kids need their cheeseburgers and fries.

Burger 'n Fries | Grand Cayman Island on

…so they say.

Everyone is obsessed with the chocolate bread pudding at Calypso Grill

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Grand Cayman Island on

I stick to fresh salads, fruit, seafood and veggies that keep my waistline happy in a bikini and plaid shirt.

(If you know me well, then you could have guessed my choice eats.)

Salad at Calypso Grill | Grand Cayman Island on


Marla Meridith | Grand Cayman Island on

Do you ask people to take pictures of you on the beach? I can not do that. Just can’t.

An iPhone self portrait will do.

Grand Cayman Island on

I sure hope you enjoyed this visual journey of our vacation.

Grand Cayman Island on

Have you ever been to Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman Island on

I think you would love it too!

Grand Cayman Island on

Grand Cayman Island on

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~ Marla Meridith

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47 thoughts on “Hello from Grand Cayman!

  1. In love with these pictures. The crystal blue waters and the SUN! I was in a long winter coat this morning. I’m longing to be where you are right now! Thanks for warming up our morning by sharing these gorgeous photos πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. Marla, what stunning pictures! I have never been to Grand Cayman, but definitley need to go! My husband and I recently returned from Vieques, Puerto Rico and miss the beach terribly. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    P.S. I just saw that you live in Telluride! Yay! I live in Denver. Small world.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for taking us on a little tour of the island. I’ve been once and loved it to bits. So nice that you have family there to stay with. Also, you look fabulous in the beach picture! By the second day of vacation, my hair is so unruly I wouldn’t let anyone snap a shot of me!

    1. Hi Leanne! We have such an amazing time with our family here. The only time some of us get to see each other every year. Special memories for all that is certain. Gets more fun too as my kiddos get bigger.

  4. What gorgeous photographs! And that chocolate bread pudding sounds amazing. Good for you for resisting the treats…happy new year, have fun!

  5. Marla what a fabulous reprieve from our chilly, alpine temps to dive into your vacation for a few minutes! The photos tell the whole tale and are completely transporting. Thank you for the β€˜arm chair travel’! Enjoy.

  6. I’m assuming that’s your sister in law or someone in your family with the backpiece/tattoo? Love it!!

    And the pic of 7 Mile Beach – gorgeous

    As well as the shot of you (looking good there!) and I agree about not asking people to take pics of you on the beach. I can’t do it either! lol

  7. Gorgeous scenery and pictures, Marla!!! Glad that you are enjoying your vacation and family as well. Your pics filled me with nostalgia…I lived in a tropical paradise like this one for 15 years. Recife, Northeastern Brazil, is in the coast so it is sunny most of the year and its beaches are absolutely stunning. Well, enjoy your trip. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  8. Stunning! And Grand Cayman is too! πŸ˜‰ I’m completely inspired by your bikini and plaid figure… I have such a sweet tooth (imagine that!?), and I’m going to try and remember this post and sticking to salads, fish, fresh fruits and veg. πŸ™‚
    Glad you had such a fabulous time down south!