Holiday Gifts for Mountain Lovers

With those that are obsessed with the mountains, the passion runs deep. As much as the sea is beautiful, the mountains beckon us always. “Go where you feel most alive.” Alpine folks say the beauty of the peaks stops them in their tracks every single time. Gazing at towering vistas invites one to be humble. Feelings of grandeur overwhelm the senses. Living at nearly 10,000 feet, I’m grateful to call Telluride, Colorado my home sweet home. I speak the mountain language, obsession is an understatement. Not a day goes by that I’m not in awe the mountain towns around the world. If you have a mountain lover in your life, then these holiday gifts will make them smile. They bring the mountains indoors and inspire all kinds of holiday bliss.

  • 1 & 12 Bring the mountains inside any room with artwork and photos of beautiful peaks.
  • 2 Cabin Soap with forest aromatics. Made in the USA from sustainable palm and coconut oils, water, juniper, cedar leaf, cassia bark, and fir needle essential oils.
  • 3 Vanilla Mountain Bars, a 15 pack. Snack that are great to stash in backpacks & they fit in ski jacket pockets as well. A mound of chocolate with peanuts and vanilla-flavored filling. Absolutely delicious!
  • 4 There’s nothing like a cozy, warm plaid blanket to cuddle up in after a long day on the slopes!
  • 5 Fill a buffalo check flask with whiskey for those extra brrrr days on the slopes.
  • 6 Add some luxury to that mountain lovers life with this Silver Mountain Water fragrance by Creed. A modern scent that captures the purity of the mountains through soft, milky-sweet blackcurrants mixed with green tea, and the richness of bergamot and sandalwood.
  • 7 Simper Goods Candles. Mountain Air & Cloudberries: A fresh, woodsy scent of balsam fir, cedarwood, and frozen nordic berries within a comforting base of apple, cinnamon, and clove.
  • 8 St. Moritz Sweater, great for both on and off the slopes.
  • 9 Yes, bears live in the mountains and these adorable oven mitts bring the bears safely inside.
  • 10 Maypol mountain boots are cozy, warm and super cute!
  • 11 High Alpine Cuisine cookbook. 75 delicious recipes inspired by the greatest alpine escapes around the world.
  • 13 Winter wonderland placemats, whimsical illustrations and blanket stitched edging.
  • 14 Buffalo Check Apron cook recipes from High Alpine Cuisine in style!
  • 15 Laila Eau de Parfum from Norway. A fresh, clean scent inspired by the mountains and fjords of Norway.
  • 16 Set of 6 winter essential oils (the ones in the photo have sold out) but these 6 will do the trick too!
  • 17 Mountain knee-high socks.
  • 18 Customize the mountain look with Pick-A-Pom Beanie base and snap-on pom poms.

~ Marla Meridith

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