Honey Bee Martini


Today is Friday… this means the weekend is here.Yay! I can post a cocktail and feel great about it. I can feel great ’cause we started the week with Cowgirl Coolers and now we end it together it with delicious Honey Bee Martinis. Do you like the name? I came up with it while I lip smacked on sticky lavender honey. Since spring is here this is a skinny drink ~ for all those skimpy clothes, cocktail sipping sunny days.


Honey Bee Martini | Lavender Honey, Lemon & Vodka Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


The weather is flip flopping around here. Is that happening by you? One minute it’s breezy and cold, the next it’s warm blossom popping heat. The fab news is you can enjoy a Honey Bee Martini any time at all! Cold or hot out ~ don’t matter. Dive in I say!


Honey Bee Martini | Lavender Honey, Lemon & Vodka Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


This Essence of Lavender Honey is a true treat! I found it at my favorite Over the Moon fine foods market here in Telluride. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this skinny cocktail. Serve this cocktail for weekend brunch, also perfect for bridal & baby showers. Celebrate!


Honey Bee Martini | a Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


If there is one thing I know it’s that honey bee’s sure do love honey. Not sure if they like vodka…..but I am sure a sip or two might change their flight pattern a smidge…


Honey Bee Martini | a Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


If you want a quenching honey sweetened lemonade, then don’t add the spirits. For this martini cocktail use your favorite vodka. I used this Skinny Girl Island Coconut Vodka.…it is lovely in this drink.


Honey Bee Martini | a Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


Lay a sprig of lavender over your drink for good measure. Also add a lemon wedge. All good to go! Enjoy…


Honey Bee Martini | a Skinny Cocktail | Recipe on


Click HERE for recipe details.


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~ Marla Meridith

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57 thoughts on “Honey Bee Martini

  1. That first image is perhaps one of my most favorite ones you’ve ever taken. Marla. You need to be working for magazines or something huge. Your skills blow me away every day.

    Onto the actual recipe…never even knew coconut vodka was out there. Skinny style no less. Delish looking recipe!

    1. Thanks so much Averie ~ I had a blast with this photo shoot. I love the lighting challenge with cocktails ~ to make them tempt & glow is a thrill! Bet you would dig the coconut vodka…you being the island girl πŸ™‚

  2. This is! I made this after my daughter had a similar one at a local restaurant and begged me to recreate it. I don’t add honey but have been using a Colorado vodka I love that is infused with honey. It is so perfect isn’t it?

  3. What a gorgeous cocktail…I thought I was looking at something from F&W. A pro image capture, Marla! Came across that first image on Pinterest. Was reading through and catching up on some of your posts and realized you’ve left So Cal. Hope you and your family have been well.

  4. i see a difference in your photography style! πŸ™‚
    love, LOVE all these pictures – and you always come up with amazing combinations of recipes too.

  5. Marla, absolutely stunning photography! I’ve always been weary of flavored vodkas due to artificial flavorings. I’m sold on this brand for the Island Coconut variety due to the natural flavoring. Beautiful concept for a spring or summer cocktail…love lavender honey! Thank you for sharing! Pinning…

    1. Stacy, I always try to keep away from refined sugars and artificial flavorings. Great to find products that don’t have ’em.

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  7. Marla, have you tried using powdered honey instead of liquid? I know sometimes the liquid honey hardens when it hits the ice, so I found powdered honey at Savory Spice Shop (they are online too). Perhaps a tablespoon of lavender simple syrup to get the lavender flavor in there would work. I will try and let you know! You can follow the recipes I pin on my board “Luscious Libations” – this one just got pinned!

    1. Hi! Such a GREAT idea ~ I have never seen powdered honey, but it would be perfect for this drink….I will look for it where you recommended. Thanks for the pin, will dash over to your board now πŸ™‚