Honeydew Sherbet


Have you guys ever had ice milk or sherbet?  It is ice cream’s lighter cousin. Picture sorbet meets ice cream.

While perplexed if I should name this recipe ice milk or shebert…..I concluded that both would do. Sherbet is known to have more sugar than ice cream. This recipe is stevia sweetened and sugar free. With a little milk (your choice what kind) and some ripe honeydew this little treat is pretty, cooling and happy.

Also we have a winner for the Stonyfield Summer in a Box giveaway….

Skyline view of San Juan mountain range

As we sit here on our high altitude perch we reflect on happy summer days and eat lots of cooling treats…..

Homemade honeydew sherbet with fresh blueberries, red polka dot spoon

Here’s a brief look at definitions on Wikipedia “Sherbet, an American term for a frozen dessert like sorbet, but containing a small amount of dairy.” Ice milk “is a frozen dessert with less than 10 percent milkfat and the same sweetener content as ice cream.” All sounds good to me.

Fresh summer fruit in glass dish

With  a good portion of the world still suffering from very high temperatures, what better to cool down with than all sorts of popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt or some sherbet! I always thought it was tricky to make ice cream. So not. All I needed to do was blend up my mixture and let it churn in my frozen my ice cream maker attachment. Done. Deal.

Even in warm summer temperatures, signs of winter never left here. Indications show that there might be a fun & snow filled winter ahead…….

Summer in the Colorado Rocky mountains

Top with your favorite fresh berries, coconut flake or other…..Serve with a polka dot spoon or such. When your sherbet melts, slurp it up with a straw.

Homemade honeydew sherbet with fresh blueberries

We were all in awe watching our ice cream maker do it’s thing. How cool is it to watch a liquid turn into an icy cream blend right before your very eyes?! Thrilling.

Little kids in kitchen making ice cream

The pale green color of this sherbet is soothing and reminds me a bit of Georgia Pellegrini’s gorgeous Lemon Basil Ice Cream that she shared here a few weeks ago.

Homemade honeydew sherbet with fresh blueberries

Do you love frozen desserts as much as we do? What is your favorite ice cream/sherbet/ice milk/frozen yogurt flavor?


Honeydew Sherbet

Makes 4 servings


  • I used goats milk, feel free to make this vegan with coconut, almond, soy, rice or any other milk.
  • Instead if honeydew use any fruit you have to make a creamy, cooling dessert.
  • This sherbet was better on the softer side. When it freezes too hard it is difficult to scoop.


  • 1/2 ripe (about 16 ounces) Honeydew Melon, cut into 1 inch chunks
  • 8 ounces Goats Milk or your favorite dairy or vegan milk
  • 8 ounces light unsweetened Coconut Milk
  • 1 full dropper Vanilla Stevia Drops or to taste
  • splash of Lemon Juice


  • fresh Berries
  • Mint
  • toasted unsweetened Coconut Flake
  • freshly Whipped Cream


Prepare ice cream maker according to manufacturers directions. Purée honeydew with goats milk and coconut milk. Sweeten to taste and add a splash of lemon juice. Chill mixture for 1 hour. Pour into your ice cream maker and prepare according to the directions of your machine. Chill in freezer until ready to serve. It is best served when creamy and not too icy.


Sherbet Recipe Links

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Giveaway Details

Thanks of all of your entries. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to #352 Miranda at The Pinterest Project.

Do you have an ice cream maker? How about a KitchenAid Stand Mixer? If you said no to the maker and yes to the KitchenAid mixer (any size) then I have the attachment for you. One lucky reader can score an Ice Cream Maker Attachment so you can make ice cream or frozen desserts in your very own home. ($99.00 value) *above photo via KitchenAid *this attachment only works with a KitchenAid stand mixer…not provided in this giveaway. Perhaps down the road on will be.

How to Enter

Leave some comments….tell me why you want and need this ice cream maker. What is your favorite ice cream/sherbet/ice milk/frozen yogurt flavor? You have until Sunday, August 21st, 12 midnight PST to enter this giveaway. Winner will be chosen via and will have 3 days to respond or a new winner will be selected. Open to residents of the USA.

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~ Marla Meridith

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658 thoughts on “Honeydew Sherbet

  1. This sounds so refreshing and would be a nice way to end a summer grill out. I think I’d like to paint my kitchen this color! Chocolate ice cream is my favorite frozen treat at home with strawberry a close second. Or maybe a tie! I love seeing the summer mountains with snow, thanks for sharing.

  2. My daughter & I have been using my parent’s old, broken, hand-crank ice cream maker. We are desperately in need of a new one.

  3. I would love a KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment. I have an older machine now that is about to go…but I love my KitchenAid mixer and no this would be a helpful addition. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip

  4. I would use this machine to make my husband his weekly ice cream…yes, that’s right I make ice cream every week. Living in Phoenix it’s always hot enough to eat ice cream 🙂

  5. I would love to have this ice cream maker attachment, especially for the hot, Texas summer months! My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip

  6. With this ice cream maker, I would definitely make fruit flavored ice cream! My mom used to make peach ice cream that was to die for, so maybe I’d try my hand at making some 🙂

  7. After going dairy free I have found myself wanting to make ice cream. I would be thrilled to have an ice cream maker that allowed me to do so.

  8. I have a Kitchen Aid and I would LOVE this attachment. I have been wanting to make homemade ice cream and so have my kids!!

  9. The first thing I would make is my favorite ice cream: Chocolate Ice Cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups….YUMMY!!!!

  10. I am transitioning my family to a healthy lifestyle. They are crying that they miss ice cream! We love cherry ice cream and any flavor of sherbet!

  11. since my husband likes vanilla, that’s what i’d start with. then i’d work my up to bigger & better things!

  12. The first thing I would make with the attachment is limoncello sorbetto; like summer in a bowl!

    My favorite ice cream is butter pecan.

  13. I would make lemon gelato, blood orange gelato, grapefruit gelato — and espresso gelato. Then I would not mind being housebound quite so much!

  14. I want one because my daughter has a peanut/tree nut allergy and I want her to be able to enjoy ice cream Without the worry

    My favorite ice cream flavor is green tea 🙂

  15. I just got a Kitchen Aid mixer as a wedding gift from my parents and have been dying for an ice cream attachment. My husband is lactose intolerant and it would be wonderful to be able to make custom non-dairy ice creams for him! My own favorite frozen treat flavor is cranberry hibiscus frozen yogurt with ginger sauce – something I tried at an amazing fro-yo shop in Saratoga, NY called Plum Dandy – it’s amazing!

  16. I would love to have the ice-cream attachment because I already own a yellow KA mixer & this would be the perfect add-on to make dessert in the evening. It would be something to get my kids involved in, so they could choose the different treats to make~ My fav sherbert flavor would be lime & I love vanilla yogurt so you can either add fruit or sprinkles, etc to it 🙂 Thanks for offering this contest & I hope I get lucky and win 🙂 🙂

  17. If I won this attachment, I would use it to make homemade ice cream for made-from-scratch ice cream sandwiches, and also to create some non-dairy frozen treats for my lactose intolerant husband.

  18. Ice cream is my favorite food group 🙂 I would love to be able to make it quick and easy! My favorite flavor is Key Lime Pie with yummy bits of Graham cracker in it!

  19. I NEED a kitchenaid stand mixer ice cream attachment because I am on a quest lately to move away from conventional grocery-store foods and provide more natural, homemade foods for my husband and children. With diabetes, cancer, heart-disease, and ADHD on the rise, I think it’s time we start looking at these diseases in terms of the foods we eat. High Fructose Corn Syrup, added sugars, food dyes, preservatives and pesticides can’t be consumed with no consequence. If I had a kitchenaid ice cream attachment, I could feed my family delicious, natural, homemade, preservative-free ice cream that would become not only a treat they would love, but something they will want to continue on with when I am gone!

  20. I got a mixer for Christmas this past year and love it.
    My husband I started a new juice diet and i’ve been making a
    sorbert in my 22 yr old blender with sweet cherries and strawberries.
    This attachment would be a much easier way to enjoy it. ;o}

  21. I would love to win to make coffee ice cream experiments =) I’m getting married this November and I’m sure my fiance will appreciate it as much as I would.

  22. Since I have a gluten allergy, I prefer to make everything homemade, that way I know whats in it. I would love to make my own ice cream, and this attachment would make life easier!

  23. If you saw the amount of homegrown gooseberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries I have left over after making pies, muffins, liqueurs, etc. you would not even be asking this question 🙂 Please save me from more weekends of baking, brewing and infusing…save my remaining weekends of summer.

  24. I’d love this attachment because my family has been eating healthier this year and ice cream is one of our favorite treats. How wonderful to be able to make our own healthy version! And since blueberries are in season, I think I’d try peach blueberry!!

  25. I got a used KitchenAid Heavy Duty stand mixer a couple of months ago and it is amazing… I use it for almost everything in the kitchen… except for ice cream, hehe
    Besides, I’ve never done ice cream before… and I guess this accessory would be a good excuse to prepare some!

  26. Hoping to win a kitchenaid or that my husband will buy me one next week for my 10th anniversary and would would really like an ice cream attachement to go with it. My kids would be thrilled with vanilla ice cream razzle (all the ice cream toppings mixed in to the ice cream including the cone) and making it instead of buying it will make my wallet (and husband) very happy

  27. i really want this ice cream maker attachment. I love vanilla ice cream. Now I know vanilla is not the most exciting flavor, but it pairs with so very many delicious things. Really good, premium vanilla ice cream is hard to find, and afford. I can’t wait to be able to experiement topping my homemade ice creams with my homemade jams. Yum! Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Gosh, I have so many homemade ice cream recipes saved that I want to try! I think I’d start out with a nice vanilla bean, and move on to additions from there! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I think I NEED this attachment… I love frozen yogurt and there isnt a shop in our town and I never thought of making my own. My favorite flavor is cheese cake! Yumm!!

  30. I would love to use this to make fresh ice cream/ice milk. Something I can make that’s really fresh and healthy for our family. The above recipe looks awesome

  31. I was supposed to receive one of these as a rebate for purchasing a new Kitchenaid mixer. However, more than 3 months later, it still hasn’t arrived. Even if it does eventually arrive, a second one would be handy for multiple flavors and back-ups in the freezer!

  32. I would love to have this attachment to go along with my beloved Kitchenaid Mixer. Making my own icecream would rock!.

  33. Recently diagnosed with celiac disease, please enter my name so I could make homemade non-dairy, lactose free ice cream. Thank you very much for this giveaway!

  34. I would LOVE this attachment! My old ice cream maker broke from over use. 🙂

    And since then I’ve gotten a Kitchenaid and been drooling over this attachment.

    I love to create healthy alternatives for our favorite foods (that don’t cost an arm and leg) and this would go a long way toward that end.

  35. Just thinking about ice cream makers, reminds me of my dad. I remember making our own ice cream as a child. Although it wasn’t often, it is still a memory. Obviously a really good one. I would love this attachment! Good way to make memories with my daughter. Plus you will know what is going into that yummy ice cream!

  36. I need this ice cream maker because we live in Florida where it is hot and humid all year long! I would love to be able to add a new treat to those that I make with my mixxer 🙂 I like to try all new flavors, but my all time favorite is mint chocolate!

  37. I need this because I’m eliminating processed foods from my diet. I have purchased the meat grinder for my kitchenaid but I am months away from being able to get the ice cream attachment and I need variety!! Thanks

  38. I have been wanting one of these every since I got my kitchen aid mixer. My whole family LOVES homemade ice cream and this would be awesome to have esp. at family gatherings. Our favorite homemade ice cream is Peach & Rocky Road. I know if we won the attachment. My 2 year old would love you forever 🙂

  39. Love homemade ice cream. Store bought ice cream doesn’t compare to the homemade stuff. Love it 🙂 I prefer Vanilla

  40. I’ve wanted this attachment since I got my KitchenAid a year ago I bake a lot for other people and they are always asking me about Ice Cream!

  41. I love a good vanilla base and some type of chocolate add in. My family loves homemade ice cream but I do not have the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid and I would LOVE one.

  42. I would like to have an ice cream maker attachment for my kitchen aid mixer. I have 6 kids and I buy a gallon of icecream everyweek. I would like it to start making my own so I can add fresh fruits in to it, like the blackberries I have in my back yard, Yummy that sounds sooooo good!!

  43. I would love to have an ice cream maker for my awesome KitchenAid. My Grandson Age 10 just returned from Chef Camp and is looking forward to learning more skills. I want to show him all the things the KitchenAid can do. We were waiting until fall to make pasta but Ice cream this summer would be great.

  44. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win the ice cream attachment for my kitchenaid mixer that I have had for years .. .I was not aware there was one! Hubby is a diabetic , so making home made ice cream woukd be wonderful for him as well as myself and grandkids .We grow an organic garden , this fits in great ,,,We are on a fixed income , every little bit helps
    Thank you
    Camille T ..

  45. My current ice cream maker’s motor is sounding weak, as if its going to die any day now. How will my granddaughter know the difference between unhealthy storebought ice cream and healthy homemade ice cream? Not to mention knowing how to make it herself. Kids don’t know how to make things from scratch anymore and she will be everyone’s best friend when she can show them that she can make homemade ice cream all by herself! That is why I would love to win an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer.

  46. I would LOVE to win a kitchenaid ice cream attachment! I have wanted one for a long time so that we can start making ‘real’ ice cream with organic or raw milk.

  47. I do not have this attachment (and had no idea it existed) for my KitchenAid mixer. Had an ice cream maker whose motor seized up. There’s no comparing packaged and homemade ice cream. Besides ice cream, sorbet is on the menu and I’d like to try making margaritas a la ice cream maker. The ice cream flavors are only limited by palate and imagination.

  48. I received my Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and I love it! If you don’t have one, you have no idea what you are missing. I would make some homemade chocolate ice cream and then take requests from the rest of the family for their hungry stomachs! Everyone loves ice cream!!!

  49. I really NEED a new ice cream maker, the previous one that I bought in a garage sale and has served me for 4 years and is now REALLY coming apart and living in Texas…..well need I say more?

  50. Im new to the wonderful world of the most exciting Kitchen tool there is….So yes I would love to be able to make my awesome homemade yogurt into a wonderful frozen treat…Thanks for the most fun I have had in the kitchen!!!

  51. This looks amazingly refreshing. I am lactose intolerant so the almond milk it shall be. I am also happy to see a giveaway for an ice cream maker. I love to make fresh sorbets and creams for my daughter. She especially loves to taste the before it is frozen concoction. Fresh is important for my family. It is comforting to see that a lot of people feel the same way. If I win this ice cream maker it would definitely allow my daughter a closer hand in helping to prepare it. We would make lots of yummy fresh fruit sorbets (sans milk).

    1. Alicia, I will certainly be making a lot of ice creams/frozen treats with almond milk too. Love that stuff. Isn’t it great to have so many lactose free alternatives these days?! I am also comforted to see how many people want “fresh.”

  52. I don’t have a kitchen aid mixer, so I can’t enter the giveaway. But I just wanted to tell you how yummy that cantaloup ice cream looks! I’m usually not huge fan of that fruit, but it looks great with ice cream.

    To answer the question-my favorite flavor is chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream (sugar free, of course)

    1. Alex, gotta tell you I am not usually a big fan of honeydew either. I much prefer sweet/tart fruits like berries. I do however lOVE the color & the way honeydew looks. I s
      simply had to find a fun way to use it. While I was making this ice cream my kids were munching on juicy pieces of the fruit. Sooooo fun!
      Do you have a recipe for that Chocolate PB Banana ice cream?? Love that it is sugar-free 🙂

  53. I would like this attachment because we eat only organic..(when possible ) we love ice cream and sorbets. we have one child that is lactose intollerant and it is hard to find organic for him.. I have had a kitchen aid mixer for years (we recently redid our kitchen and my kitchen aid has it’s very own pop up cabinet)and my mom had one when I was growing up.. we would get a lot of use out of it and could provide plenty of healthy organic ice cream for our family…..

    1. Denise, I love the idea of that pop up cabinet for your stand mixer. Now that is a smart way to design a kitchen. I will keep that in mind if we ever do a kitchen re-model 🙂

  54. I have a very very old ice cream maker that i need to freeze the bowl for 3 days int he freezer since its soo old! then pray that the ice cream actually works or i have to refreeze the bowl once again! Its a pain but we love homemade ice cream! Never knew i could have an attachment for my stand mixer that would be wonderful!

  55. I would make a blackberry ice cream if I won this! We are actually going to a swim/homemade ice cream party the first week in sept and having an ice cream contest!

    1. Jennifer, an ice cream contest sounds like a blast! I should plan one of those.
      btw: 3 days to freeze your ice cream maker #annoying 😉

  56. I love this attachment – did not know about it! I would like to try making gelato or chocolate mint chip ice cream, my favorite with it! Please enter me.

  57. I would love to have the attachment so my husband would “have” to buy me a Kitchenaid Mixer! I have wanted one so long. I want to make rocky road ice cream. Yummy!

  58. I’d love to have one of these attachments – didn’t know that it even existed! I like the idea of making my ice cream at home and not purchasing store-bought, processed ice cream with garbage for ingredients. I love adding fresh fruit to my homemade ice cream and sherberts!

  59. I would love one because it’s my husband’s favorite thing! He has been out to sea for 7 or so months, and I bet there isn’t anything better than a nice homemade Ice cream! I wouldn’t mind trying the melon ice milk listed… looks tasty to me and I’ve never had ice milk before!

  60. I love my KitchenAid mixer. I would also like the ice cream maker. I know this is boring, but I like vanilla because you can add in anything you want.

  61. Like others, I didn’t even realize there was an ice cream attachment for the Kitchen Aid … the things you learn online.

    I would love to win because it would be much easier to bring out an attachment than to lug out another appliance.

    It’s hard to pick just one flavor of ice cream that I like, but my favorite sorbet flavor is watermelon.

    Thanks for offering such a wonderful contest.

  62. i’ve been wanting an ice cream maker for many years. i want to be able to make my own fresh ice cream, create homemade ice cream sandwiches. my fav flavor is chocolate mint.

    i hope i win!

  63. Because I love experimenting in different flavors and sharing them with others. For Thanksgiving I made a gelato that was pumpkin pie flavored with chocolate chips.

  64. My girlfriend’s have an awesome ice cream maker that they make wonderful concoctions in. I’d love to get in on the action and make some of my own flavors! I think I’d start with a mint brownie ice cream! YUM! It would also be nice to try to make my own lactose free ice creams.

  65. I would love to be able to expand my possibilities with my KitchenAid mixer. Although it’s old and I’d love one in the dazzling new colors, it still works after all of these years of hard work! I love Orange Sherbet and would love to try my hand at making that and new flavors.
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  66. I follow KitchenAid on Twitter and Facebook (where I learned of this contest)
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  67. The first thing I would make with this KitchenAid Ice Cream (DREAM) Maker is Orange Sherbet for myself and 93 year old aunt who loves orange sherbet as well!
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  68. I don’t have an ice cream maker and an attachment to my the mixer is brilliant!! My favorite ice cream…peanut butter and chocolate!

  69. Sounds like a wonderful addition to my daughter’s “tools” for cooking/baking etc…would love to win this for her!

  70. wow. Great recipe and overwhelming response. Please, if I get picked for the prize, don’t give it to me. I have both a kitchenaid and an ice cream maker and both are sorely neglected. But thank you for the continued support and inspiration to break out that ice cream maker one of these days!

  71. I have a Kitchenaid and have been eyeing this attachment for some time! I would love to try out a recipe i saw for beer ice cream-thanks for the giveaway!

  72. I obsess about owning a kitchenAid. I make ice cream and give it away to underprilvledged children in the neighborhood and could use as much help as I can get. If I win the attachment, I can then find it in my family to grant me to buy us this pricey jewel of an appliance (the kneading hook would help me with making bread to say the least).

    If you could see the smiles I get from kids who don’t have much it would melt your heart.

  73. I would love to win this ice cream maker attachment b/c I live in Florida and can’t afford to buy it on my own!

  74. I’d love, love, love to win the ice cream maker! I have a KA mixer and I love it! Our old crank ice cream maker is shot, and this would be a perfect replacement!

  75. i LOVE ice cream! I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer! I LOVE this site with all the great wonderful healthy recipes! I would LOVE to learn to make ice cream especially with stevia ~ wow! Thank you

  76. I grew u making homemade Ice cream and I would love this so I can make it with my 3 kids!

    tuesdayef at aol dot com

  77. I totally need this attatchment…love ice cream and love the kitchen-aid! The only thing better would be making ice cream with the kitchen aid.

  78. My family and I love plain ol’ vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles for the kids and crushed up waffle cone pieces for the hubby and I!

  79. Okay I NEED to win this attachment – I really do – I’ve been holding out on an ice cream machine because of space for storing it but for this I’d create space – hoping with crossed fingers and toes I wiN!!! Choose me PLEASE!

  80. I also have a KitchenAid that is just WEEPING for that ice cream attachment…I have a freezer full of fresh fruits (cherries, pineapple, mango, strawberries) that DEMAND to be used in ice cream making…LOL! You have a beautiful site!

  81. What a wonderful giveaway! I absolutely need an ice cream maker because my 2 little ones love frozen treats. It’s much healthier to make my own than store bought ones. I created a few sorbet recipes without using an ice cream machine but I think the texture will be much better with an ice cream maker. And a machine definitely will lead me to create more healthy ice cream recipes for my family. keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  82. Honeydew is one of my favorite fruit and I would love to win this ice cream maker to make this Honeydew Sherbet-Ice Milk!!! I’m drooling over your pictures!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  83. I would LOVE to win this because I have never owned an ice cream maker and have never made my own ice cream! This year is the year of experimentation in the kitchen for me, and this would open up a whole new avenue of possibilities!

  84. What if I have an OOOOLLLLDD ice cream maker, but no Kitchen Aid? I think I’d just have to buy one if I won!!

    I just made Buttered Corn on the Cob ice cream and I have visions of raspberry vanilla….

    1. “Buttered Corn on the Cob ice cream” AMAZING!! I have never heard of that. Think I need to try a version. Did you post it on your blog?

  85. cinnamon ice cream is my favorite! or anything with cookie chunks stirred in. homemade ice cream just tastes 500 times better than anything from the store.

  86. I would love to have this, so I could make my Husband some homemade Strawberry Ice cream when he makes it home from Iraq here soon!!!! He loves Strawberry ice cream and our four little girls would love to have some homemade ice cream too!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  87. When I was a child, I used to love it when my parents would make custard- a tradition for summer holidays and birthdays in our family.

    I wouldn’t dream of making custard the way we did then now- but would love to try all the low-fat ice cream (especially with almond milk!) recipes I have been seeing around this summer!

  88. I need one because I am pregnant and addicted to ice cream! I especially love cookies and cream or dulce de leche 🙂 but any ice cream will do!

    1. Elisa, I was the same way when I was pregnant….addicted to ice cream. The sweeter the better. You are spot on with the cookies and cream & dulce de leche. I would have covered mine with hot fudge and caramel sauce. Probably sprinkles too 😉

  89. I am interested in making something with the glut of cucumbers from my yard. I love the idea of cucumber ice cream!

  90. I need this ice cream maker because I love ice cream and would really enjoy creating my own flavors!

  91. I’m fantasizing about a coffee ice cream with Valrhona chocolate chunks. Heck, this fantasy might have room for some chocolate cookies.

  92. I love this ice cream maker. I have it already. But I have to leave a comment because I want to make this sherbet! And I can because I have this ice cream maker already! YES!
    I love plain ol’ frozen yogurt– greek yogurt with some sugar. I can’t find stevia drops. Ever since you told me about the fillers in the stevia powder I want to try the drops. I will. As soon as I find it. 🙂
    And your kids are just the sweetest. I can see you in them.

  93. I’ve always wanted an ice cream maker, but haven’t been able to afford one yet. I’d make mint chocolate chunk. My hometown makes the best one and I haven’t found one even close to as good yet!

  94. Ooh ooh pick me, pick me!! I’d love to have an ice-cream maker!

    By the way, have you had those Melona pops before? It’s like a ice popsicle with creamy melon ice-cream and it’s so good– they sell it in a lot of Asian stores! 🙂

  95. I actually already have an ice cream maker so no need for one…but I just wanted to let you know that honeydew is my absolute favorite melon and I am SO excited to try this!

  96. Our current ice cream maker has two broken parts…the lid is cracked as well as the piece that churns your ice cream. Since my husband bought me a KitchenAid mixer a few years back for Mother’s Day, this would be a great add-on. We love experimenting with different ice cream flavors and add-ins, but our favorite treat this summer has been simple slushies made in the ice cream maker…yum!!!

  97. Gorgeous photography! I am still mixing everything by hand- no room for those amazing stand mixers in my tiny kitchen- but what a great giveaway for those lucky ducks that have them!

  98. I would make Avocado ice cream and Sweet Cream ice cream with cinnamon. Would love to have this cause the boys in my house are non stop ice creamers. I also retweeted!

  99. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I would love to have this attachment for my mixer to try Georgia’s Lemon Basil Ice Cream. I have a lot of basil growing in my garden to use up!

  100. I’d love to introduce my son to ice cream knowing what is in it. He is almost 14 months and starting to try new foods. With all of the fruits we’ve been canning it would be a nice change to try some sorbet. My Kitchen Aid has been waiting for this attachment!

  101. I have been wanting an ice cream maker forever! And I do believe that this Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment is exactly what I need!!

    What an awesome giveaway!

  102. Why I want an ice-cream maker? After graduating from baking school I have been dying to make my own ice cream again – nothing can replace that flavor. Plus all the icky stuff they put in store-bought ice cream just makes me feel sick most of the time!

    My favorite ice cream was a rum-lime ice cream that I made as part of a daiquiri dessert, and an orange-basil sorbet we made in class on time. Drooling now just thinking about it!

  103. Yes I have a mixer and oh how I would LOVE the ice cream maker attachment, have been dreaming of ice cool treats for sometime now. There is still plenty of HOT weather on the way and I’m thinking of all types of yummy flavors to make with it.

  104. ok, the first flavor I’d make would be pumpkin ice cream, it been my favorite since I was young, not many places had it but it’s been more than 25 years since my first taste of pumpkin ice cream and I still think about it often, After than I’m sure lemon will be after that.

  105. I would love this attachment! Our family LOVES icecream and sherbert! I just found a strawberry sherbert recipe from my great-grandmother that I would love to try making! Thanks!

  106. I would love this since it would save me money not having to buy ice cream plus I would know what was going into the ice cream we are eating.

  107. I LOVE ICE CREAM!! I could eat it everyday if it didn’t add pounds to me, but I’m trying to find healthier ways to eat ice cream. Having this would allow me to do that.

  108. Marla, your photos are just brilliant–I aspire to that level of beauty. I don’t need the ice cream maker (have one!), but wanted to tell you how much I love looking at your blog.

  109. I need this because I’ve eliminated dairy (among other things) from my diet and coconut milk ice cream is incredibly expensive. I want to make my own!

  110. I would love to have this attachment for my stand mixer! My son has multiple food allergies, so he has never been able to go to an ice cream shop and have ice cream. Instead, I make him a whole collection of flavors for him to enjoy safely at home. Unfortunately, my ice cream maker is fifteen years old and on its last leg. Winning this ice cream attachment would make my son and I incredibly happy!

  111. What a great giveaway, specially with this heat. We are an ice-cream & frozen yogurt family. I do have a kitchen aid stand mixer & would love to win the ice cream attachment!

  112. i would love to make this very recipe with that ice cream attachment. It would also give me an excuse to run out and buy the minty colored KitchenAid that I cannot justify buying right now!! 😉

  113. I’ve been trying to justify buying an ice-cream maker for ages already! It’s pricey and the farthest I’ve gotten is buying a popsicle maker 🙂

    I love the original/plain tart flavor for FroYo. Plus…it’s the toppings that I end up looking forward to!

  114. Since I live in Miami, I’ll probably make every frozen concoction you can think of 🙂 Also, I’m expecting my first child in October and I’ve heard that frozen treats made from breastmilk are really soothing for teething babies!

  115. I need this attachment! I have the stand alone mixer, Christmas prezzie the first year of being married. I LOVE ice cream! I am sadly though unable to eat dairy since having a baby, and with an attachment like this I could make my own dairy free iced desserts!!!!! and my baby and hubs could have full dairy versions!

  116. I would make many flavored ice creams and dairy free iced desserts and have an ice cream parlor party for my daughters 2nd birthday party!!

  117. Hi Marla,
    Thanks for the nice shout out on my Nectarine Sherbet:) Very kind of you!
    I would love to throw my hat into the ring for the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker. AS you know we’ve been making batches of our own frozen desserts and doing the old-school stir and freeze method. This attachment looks awesome!
    And I love your blog. I’m glad to have found you.

  118. I miss having old fashion kind of ice cream, would love a chance to have one and make ice cream for the whole families and do it year around .never had a chance to use a kitcken aid they are so nice and something I cant afford but would use it all the time.

  119. I would love this ice cream maker! I have a kitchenaid mixer already and have been looking to get the attachment for the ice cream maker but have not been able to afford it. I am a lover of ALL things ice cream and frozen yogurt. My very favorite ice cream is moose tracks! Something about chocolate ice cream, fudge swirls and peanut butter cups! If I were to win the one ice cream I have been wanting to try though is fresh peach ice cream. I follow both you and kitchenaid USA on facebook. I hope I win 😉

  120. I absolutely love all my kitchen aid products and would love to add their ice cream maker to my collection because I know it’d exceed all my expectations as all my other appliances have done. I would love to make cookie dough ice cream, my fav, but using raw vegan cookie dough batter made from cashews, maple, chocolate chips, salt and oats. it’s soo good, tastes legit too!

  121. I definitely need this, too! Have been lusting after it for a while! My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Yep, plain and bored but you know what? It’s the easiest to spice up with anything…cookie dough, caramel syrup, you name it-it tastes great on vanilla ice cream! Yum!

  122. Football season is here. My son is practicing in the heat and it is double sessions! He loves sherbet, any kind. I never imagined making it, but what a HUGE treat is would be to surprise him and his teammates with some fresh sherbet after a long practice? Well deserved, right? Oh, how refreshing!

  123. What could be better than replacing my nightly bowl of store bought ice cream with home made ice cream that I control the ingredients? My first attempt would definitely have to be cantaloupe, my all time favorite fruit! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
    Debbie Barker

  124. Who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer.. or anytime of year! I like the old fashioned vanilla flavour of ice cream especially when you top in on a fruit pie! Peaches are in season now and all I can say is YUM!

  125. I would love this attachment so I could make fun cool treats for my daughters! We all love yummy and healthy cool treats!

  126. Telluride looks awesome. So do your pictures. Hugs to beautiful Leela. I love Lucas’s haircut. The recipe looks super yummy!!! xo, andrea

  127. Marla, my hubby and I were just discussing the demise of ice milk recently. We haven’t seen it for years! Thanks for bringing it back — in honeydew flavor! I’ve so been enjoying your photography, too.

    If I won the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment, I’d have to hold out until I got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer… then I’d make the most basic, luscious vanilla bean ice milk, to “test” it out. After that, anything with berries!

  128. Oh my goodness, my husband just bought me a KitchenAid today for our Anniversary and we were talking about how much we want to get one of these! We LOVE Ice Cream/Sherbet…whatever you call it! 😉 I love peach ice cream the best, our family makes it every 4th of July!

  129. I have the KitchenAid stand mixer, so I’d love to have this ice cream attachment! My favorite ice cream is chocolate – the more chocolatey the better!

  130. I have had an ice cream maker on my wish list forever, but it seems so indulgent I haven’t bought one yet. I DO have a Kitchen Aid – what would I do without it? I have saved up all kinds of ice cream recipes in hopes of making them someday, including some very awesome looking Vietnamese coffee flavored ones, which I’d have to try first. 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  131. Ooh! I want and need this ice cream maker because I am pregnant and have been having the worst cravings for cake batter ice cream, which is also my favorite flavor. Having an ice cream maker would help me and the baby eat a little healthier (homemade doesn’t have preservatives), and lower our currently outrageous ice cream costs.

  132. The first thing I will make with this ice cream maker is cake batter ice cream; but after that I’m also going to make some nice triple chocolate ice cream, which is hubby’s favorite.

  133. I not only want this but I NEED it. Ha I live here in the Pacific Northwest and with ALL these berries, basil, and stone fruit I MUST make ice cream. I will be making Lemon Basil Ice Cream as soon as I win the ice cream maker.

  134. What wouldn’t I make?! We are vegan and live in the middle of the deep south, so we are definitely at a loss for vegan products. This would allow me to make all kinds of vegan ice cream treats that my family would love.

  135. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! But I couldn’t live without my kitchen aid mixer and I don’t think I can live without this ice cream attachment! Cool…

  136. Love, love, love ice cream! I just purchased my new kitchenaide mixer and would love to have this attachment! We love chocolate and vanilla. Orange sherbert is favored in the house also! We love to eat healthy and make most of what we eat here in our house using organic ingredients! Want to try and make some different ice cream….maybe coffee, peanut butter…the possibilities are endless!!!

  137. I have always wanted an ice cream maker in order to make healthy frozen treats without any major preservatives! I would love experiment and attempt to make a mango or boisenberry sherbert or a vanilla caramel flavored ice cream (with a hint of cinnamon).

  138. I want an ice cream maker SO badly! I like to make homemade everything and ice cream I want tobe one of them! I would get so much use out of this!

  139. I would make coffee ice cream for me and different kinds for my kids and hubby. I also make homemade sauces

  140. I would love to re-create my favorite ice cream from a place up the street from me…Coconut Butterfinger. It is awesome and is made by Christina’s Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA.

  141. I want one, we live in HOTlanta so an ice cream maker would come in handy. While I don’t care for honeydew the idea of having a different refreshing sherbet every day, if I wanted, sounds great. Can this recipe be adjusted for any fruit?

  142. I’m limited to lactose and gluten free ice creams, so the only way to make a delicious frozen dessert that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is to make it myself.

  143. I would love this attachment. So fun. I think I would like to make some basic flavors like vanilla or chocolate but add all sorts of fruit or candy.

  144. I seriously NEED this attachment! I could whip up lots of healthy ice cream treats for my family! I love my KitchenAid mixer!

  145. Why do I need this? Well, because growing up my parents never made homemade ice cream…I’m an adult now, and just had it for the first time over July 4th. Sad huh?! You don’t want my kids to have the same bland childhood as me do you?! 🙂

    And…my favorite flavor – chocolate anything! Cookie dough, chip, plain chocolate, hershey chocolate ice cream, yea just basically anything with chocolate!

  146. I used my KitchenAid ALL the time but don’t yet have the ice cream attachment… I would LOVE one! Not only would I make all kinds of ice cream flavors for myself (mint is my favorite flavor) but I would also use it to make healthy frozen treats for my 1.5 year old black labrador named Kayla – she LOVES puppy cups (as we call ice cream treats for her)… I would much prefer to make them myself than to buy frozen dog treats from the store that are very expensive and full of all kinds of chemicals that I can’t pronounce!

    1. Heather, that is so cue that your dog has her own healthy frozen treats. Oh the way we take care of our pets like babies. So sweet! “Puppy Cups” is such a cute name. Would be a great name for a blog 😉

  147. I would love an ice cream attachment for my brand new kitchen aid mixer! I’d make delicious oreo ice cream for my brand new husband!

  148. Since I’m entering my 2nd trimester, I have been craving ice cream like crazy! CHERRIES and ice cream! IF I won this I would make a chocolate cherry ice cream! YUMMO!

    1. Erin, what is it with pregnancy & ice cream cravings? Must be the calcium, fat and sugar. I could not get enough of it when I was pregnant…..still love it!

  149. I am lactose intolerant and so I cannot buy ice cream from the store. We have to make a lot of our own stuff and this ice cream maker sure would come in handy. We have our own milk goat so I am sure I could whip up some wonderful homemade ice cream, so I really hope I am a winner!!!!! Please pick me!!!! =)

    1. Susan, your very own milk goat?! You lucky gal. I have been loving goats milk lately and I have always loved all sorts of goat cheese.

  150. I would make a simple vanilla ice cream with some vanilla beans, I love the little black seeds in homemade ice cream!

  151. i want this ice cream maker attachment simply because i have cusinart ice cream maker that havent been used and take up space in my bottom cabinet. i absolutely love cookie n creme ice cream or oreo ice cream!

  152. i love my kitchenaid mixer! i’d love to have the ice cream attachment because im trying to get my 20 month old son to learn to love icecream!

  153. I have been wanting an ice cream maker attachment for ages and ages. The main reason I would love to have one is because, I really want my children to grow up remembering the great homemade foods and desserts their mother made for them and helped make since I never had the chance to do that with my mother because she didn’t cook very well. And of course because I am a totally sucker for ice cream as well!

    1. Lydia, I love that approach. I feel the same way about nurturing and nourishing my children. I want them to remember great times spent in the kitchen together. Also for them to have the skills, want and need to cook for themselves and their families some day.

  154. Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE to have an ice cream attachment for my brand spankin’ new Kitchenaid stand mixer, and the first batch will be Mascarpone Ice Cream to serve with Roasted Peaches. Yummmmm ….!!!

  155. My hubby and kids love some ice cream and making it as a family is always fun !
    I would have to make some chocolate chip !
    Thanks for the chance to win your awesome giveaway!!

  156. I would LOVE to have this, I am eating healthier, and so is my hubby by default. I also LOVE ice cream, so if I won an attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to help me make Ice Cream’s healthier cousin that would be GREAT!!! 🙂

  157. Our family has been making homemade ice cream for over 40 years….and I recently found out that KitchenAid even made this ice cream attachment!!! Love, Love, Love my KitchenAid Mixer….would never be without one and bought my college age daughter her first one this past Christmas. We love to try various flavors, and I’m certain my entire family would be screaming…
    “You scream, I scream, We all scream for Ice Cream” if I won the attachment!!!

    1. Great attitude Mitzi! How cool that you bought your daughter her very own KitchenAid mixer and she can show off her kitchen expertise to all her college friends 🙂

  158. I’d love to be able to make ice cream treats with my two kids- I think they’d love it too! My favorite kind of ice cream?? Definitely some kind of chocolate!

  159. I’d love to win this ice cream attachment. I want to try to make a tiramisu ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s had a limited edition one that was only at Target (Voluntiramsu) and it was heavenly!

  160. I would love to be able to make chocolate or vanilla ice cream whenever I wanted!!! LOVE< LOVE, LOVE Ice Cream!!

  161. I love making ice cream! My favorite flavor to make is French vanilla. Nothing better than homemade vanilla ice cream with home made hot fudge!

  162. Personally, I’m a mint chocolate chip person, and my kids love it too. But peanut butter is also a family favorite, and we would LOVE to win this to be able to experiment with some new flavors!

  163. I just got an ice cream recipes book…but don’t have an ice cream maker yet! Would love one for my KitchenAid mixer. First flavor up…Salted Caramel!

  164. I have a KA mixer , and have been planning for the ice cream attachment :). My little one loves ice creams and that’s the reason i would love to have the ice cream attachment !!!

  165. I just got a Kitchenaid in Raspberry Ice and would love to make ice cream for the family. We have ice cream all year round and homemade is the best.

  166. I didn’t think anything could make me love my Kitchenaid more but this would! I’d make peaches and cream ice cream first!

  167. we need an ice cream maker because summer is finally here in the PNW and would love to have the attachment to make some ice cream with the yummy fruit we have been finding at the farmer’s market. We picked up some local cantaloupe last week and would love trying to make a cantaloupe ice cream.

  168. Hmm, you see, I need this ice cream maker because it would help to start out my collection of KitchenAid accessories. My plan is to add to the collection and hopefully end my dependence on most processed foods. Once this little attachment is mine then I’ll be on the hunt for a simple, sweet vanilla ice cream recipe!

  169. AH!!! I have been needing this since I got my Kitchenaid mixer! It’s been so hot here in Denver and I need this for healthy frozen treats! I’m a plain old vanilla girl. yum!

  170. I would make the delish recipe you just posted! Mmmmm!

    I was reading the side of my ice cream container tonight and it had 100 (yes, 100) ingredients in it! Craziness!

  171. OMG! great chance to try a new recipe with gorgonzola cheese and pear… yes, I’m talking about ice cream… or soy protein chocolate honey love everything extra special… anyway thak you for a great chance!!!

  172. Ooh, I have been really wanting one of these! We do not have any kind of ice cream maker, but my whole family *LOVES* ice cream! After seeing all the yummy recipes all over the internet, I’m ready to get started making some fun frozen treats! I’d love to win one!! 😀

    And, my favorite flavor I want to try is cookies and cream, or maybe strawberry. 😉 Oh, the choices!!! 😀 lol

    ~Miss Rachel P.~

  173. I could really use the help in making a nice dessert at home with this attachment because the cost of gourmet ice creams and sorbets is getting out of my reach. I think making things like this at home can be much healthier with using stevia and other sweeteners. I would be excited to win this, it would be used and loved in my kitchen!

  174. I have wanted this ice cream attachment ever since I got my KitchenAid Artisan. I would make peach ice cream with all the juicy peaches that are in season right now in California!

  175. If I won this attachment, I’d definitely try this recipe for the sherbert-ice milk, and probably see what other flavors I could try. And of course, I’d try “real” ice cream too. The kids and I could have lots of fun with this!

  176. With a husband & 2 boys we go threw ice cream, and not the healthy ki itnd, would be great to make my own and add healthy fruits to it… Our favorite flavor ice cream is cookie dough, maybe that will change soon : )

  177. I would love to win this so I can make healthy ice cream for my kids. I hate buying ice cream from the store.

  178. I would love to be able to experiment making new flavors of ice cream… Kitchen Aid awaits its new addition!

  179. I think I would go with a simple vanilla ice cream to start with, then I would expand out and try to add fresh fruits for a yummy ice cream dessert.

  180. I love Kitchen Aid products and have two mixers and have always wanted the ice cream maker! I can’t have ice cream with this I could make my own.

  181. I want an ice cream maker!

    We have passion fruit, lemons, and tons of other fruit to make light and healthier treats….well if we had a KitchenAid Ice cream attachment

  182. We are a family of 9! You can only imagine my freezer or deep freezer during the summer…. not everyone agrees on which is the favorite flavor of ice cream, frozen yogurt (my girls) or sorbet… of course there is also ice cream sundaes, brownie sundaes (my kids favorite and requested for each of their birthdays). I sometimes feel like I am keeping the various ice cream companies in business with my family alone 😉 Why would I love this? Oh to be able to whip up something fresh, a requested flavor on the fly *swoon* how cool of a mom would that make me! (pun intended) 😉 To be able to use our local farm fruits, milk (we run the gamet here whole, skim, low fat, soy, almond…) the experiments , the fun!! Our family game night (that includes my teen’s and 20’somthings friends too) and homemade frozen goodness — YAHTZEE! BINGO!! PASS GO COLLECT …(a bowl of ice cream/sorbet) AWESOME! To control what we make this yummy necessity in our lives is also important, whole, fresh, natural ingredients — a mothers dream. I love Tahitian Vanilla Sorbets and Ice creams you can pare it with anything 🙂 It’s my favorite of all time.

  183. What will I make with this ice cream maker — the sky is the limit and so are the taste buds in my home. I imagine I would start with a peach sorbet – they are in season and freshly picked in our neck of the woods… fresh summery goodness.

  184. I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Kitchenaid mixer, wanted it for so long! My youngest child is about to enter 1st grade, and I have been frantically trying to find healthier recipes to make for him. I have been floored by all the attachments available for this new mixer of mine, but in this economy I really can’t justify spending so much on things like that after buying the mixer itself! This ice cream maker attachment would be a welcome addition, just in time to try out for his birthday party this fall. Good Luck to everyone, I’m sure that there are many people in the same boat!

  185. I would really appreciate an ice cream maker.. right now, I couldn’t afford an attachmemt like that.. I have become the house husband.. and I do the cooking and the dishes and the laundry.. and my cooking has been improved once I got a used kitchen aide at a rummage sale.. last week I made cream puffs from scratch,

    Kitchen aid products are high quality and some of the finest I have ever used..

  186. I would love to win this for making Stracciatella ice cream for when friends and family get together at my place.

  187. My new husband loves ice cream beyond no other snack or food, and I would love to create something at home for him with the attachment. He. Bought me the kitchen aid stand mixer as a Xmas gift 3 yes ago and it has barely been able to gather any dust , I imagine I would make. Deep chocolate with pistatios as a starter.

  188. I’ve had my mixer forever and didn’t even know this attachment existed!! Would love to have it!! My kids would love for me to make cookies and cream; who doesn’t love an OREO!!!!

  189. Lemon Sherbert and Chocolate rum ice cream over and over and over again,
    lemon and key lime sherbert are a summer tradition for my daughter and I
    as for ice cream it has to be a chocolate

  190. I’d really like to be able to make my own local organic ice cream whenever I want. I have wanted an ice cream maker for a while now. My favorite is banana with chocolate jimmies on top! I would so love to make banana ice cream!

  191. I love using fresh fruits, herbs and spices to make sherbets and sorbets – but not having an ice cream maker, the texture is never right. I would use this attachment weekly, especially now that we live in the south!