Honeywood Vintage at Gold Mountain Gallery in Telluride, CO

There are many reasons why I love living in the small town of Telluride, Colorado. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful here, we have excellent skiing, a super tight community (it takes a village!) and we have some of the coolest independently owned boutiques. These indy run shops make staying in touch with the latest fashions easy to do, even when so remote.

On Instagram you will often see me chatting up my love of Two Skirts. Another shop I wish to put on your radar is Gold Mountain Gallery. As of recently GMG has two locations both on Colorado Ave (Telluride’s Main St.) I’ve always been a fan of the first location that houses beautiful one of a kind furnishings, custom lighting, jewelry and fine rugs. The new location has the above plus excellently curated accessories. Two brands (husband wife team) that i’m obsessed with are Honeywood Vintage and Lone Hawk Hats. They are on prominent display at GMG.

Vanessa Dingwell, Owner of Honeywood Vintage
Vanessa Dingwell, Owner of Honeywood Vintage. Photo credit Apartment Therapy

My dear friend Erin Cain aka: Sunshine Hillbilly has been a great asset to Gold Mountain Gallery. Her background as a stylist and makeup artist always has her on the prowl for cutting edge fashion and accessories. As the new gallery grows (it’s only been open a year) Erin and the dynamic duo gallery owners Jessica and Mark Goldberg are adding items daily. They selectively curate and discriminately include pieces that speak to their one of a kind, vintage, luxe aesthetic. The beautiful store front windows beckon you to walk into the galleries. As soon as you enter you are invited to browse, take a seat and stay a while. It’s like visiting your coolest friends super hip, comfy loft.

“We want to have something for everyone and every budget, from antiques from the 1800s that could be at home in a palace to affordable contemporary mountain styles.”

The moment I saw the Honeywood collection at GMG I went nuts for it. Vanessa Dingwell the owner of the boho chic brand, is known for her lust worthy collection of vintage embroidery clothing, unique textiles, accessories, leather goods and jewelry. She specializes and has a very keen eye for ethnic and cultural textiles. Dingwell combines unexpected elements that play off each other beautifully.

“Romantic Victorian pieces mingle with dramatic hand-embroidered Folk Art from Mexico, Guatemala and Eastern Europe, while handcrafted deerskin duffels and Capes are paired with vintage boots.”

The tapestry she sourced for the tote I’m carrying is so beautiful. I love the contrast with the cream hand tooled leather. The size of this piece is perfect for the weekend getaway.

Lone Hawk Hats, a handmade custom vintage inspired collection.
Lone Hawk Hats, a handmade custom vintage inspired collection. Available at Gold Mountain Gallery in Telluride, CO.

If you happen to be in LA you can also visit the Honeywood brick and mortar store in Highland Park. They also have an online boutique.

~ Marla Meridith

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