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Soulful & delicious southern charm. We could not keep our hands off these fried nuggetsHush Puppies are a classic southern recipe that will be the hit at all your summer parties. Serve them at July 4th gatherings & everyone will love you! I was inspired to fry these up when I heard about the new show on Ovation TV starring The Lee Bros. The show is called Southern Uncovered & I can’t wait to watch it!


Classic Southern Hush Puppies! Fry these up today!


Not only do Matt & Ted have a James Beard Award winning cookbook, but they are filled with Southern charm. Here’s a series sneak peek & you can follow along with their adventures on Facebook & Twitter too! So whats the show all about? Great question!


Classic Southern Hush Puppies! Fry these up today!


Ovation TV, America’s only arts network, is about to reveal the unexpected side of Southern culture with a brand new original series, Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros.  Hosted by  award-winning Southern food and travel experts Matt Lee and Ted Lee, the series will premiere Sunday, June 14 at 8 pm ET, only on Ovation TV.


In each episode of Southern Uncovered, Matt and Ted explore a different city in the South, seeking to expose the unique and unexpected sides of Southern cuisine and culture. The brothers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty – or lace up their dancing shoes – as they introduce us to the people, places and amazing plates that define the South, beyond the stereotypes. Over the six-episode series, Matt and Ted will introduce viewers to the food, art, and culture of Charleston, Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Asheville, and Louisville. I would love to join these guys on an adventure!


Here’s what the boys have to say “With Southern Uncovered we have an opportunity to share what we love about the South, while also giving people a fresh spin on its food and rich cultural history,” says Matt Lee. “Along the way, we aim to challenge a few preconceived ideas about southern style and living by introducing viewers to some stereotype-busting and inspiring ideas, people and places.”



Classic Southern Hush Puppies! Fry these up today!


“For years the South has held a reputation as being a mecca of culinary genius,” continues Ted Lee. “But still some folks think southern cooking is all overcooked and over salted . We’re on a mission to celebrate the ground-breaking champions of the new Southern culinary movement, while also exploring how Southern flavor influences the culture in all the cities we visit on the show.”


In this recipe I stayed pretty true to Southern tradition, but I added some smoked paprika for a flavor twist. Check out my Insta video!




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Boiled Peanuts Catalogue. Their three cookbooks, The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook (2007), The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern (2009), and The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen (2013) have, combined, won six James Beard and IACP Awards, and they are widely credited with bringing a richer understanding of southern cooking into the mainstream.


“No one knows more about southern food and culture than Matt and Ted,” notes Scott Woodward, EVP, Programming and Production, Ovation TV. “As travel journalists, cook book authors and southern natives, they’re going beyond the typical travelogue fare to explore the crossroads of cuisine and culture. This series not only uncovers the best in Southern food and flavor, but also looks at how a city’s culinary scene influences its music, art, fashion and more.”


Munch on these Hush Puppies while you watch the show! xo


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Classic Southern Hush Puppies! Fry these up today!

Disclosure: I’m working with Ovation TV to help promote this awesome new show. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Enjoy!

~ Marla Meridith

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  1. These look awesome and I happen to have a post going out tomorrow promoting the show 🙂 I LOVE hush puppies and when I lived in the South there was this one place I’d go to where the complimentary hush puppies usually turned into my dinner 🙂