Kale Chickpea Greek Salad

I am thrilled that you guys are reaching out for healthy recipes again! I’m really good at creating super healthy & delicious food. It’s my thang.

This Kale Chickpea Greek Salad is great for lunch, dinner & everywhere in between.


Kale Chickpea Greek Salad |

Kale Chickpea Greek Salad |


Since we got back from Grand Cayman I have been living on chickpeas.

It is so simple to pop open a can, drain them & mix them into hot or cold dishes.


Kale Chickpea Greek Salad |


The chickpeas & feta cheese in this will keep your energy levels in check. This is power food at it’s finest!


Kale Chickpea Greek Salad |




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~ Marla Meridith

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29 thoughts on “Kale Chickpea Greek Salad

  1. You totally rock healthy dishes! This salad is a perfect start to a whole foods approach to 2014. Happy New Year!

  2. This is a delicious salad – I make it often. I usually leave out the tomatoes as I don’t like winter tomatoes, but I add some red pepper for colour. I use only 3 tablespoons of plain olive oil. It’s good even without the cheese. Warning to those who don’t cook often – don’t try to follow the instructions (or Marla, could you please fix the instructions). You should massage the oil and lemon juice into the kale first, THEN combine with all other ingredients. Otherwise you will have a big mess on your hands (literally).