Leaf Peepers! 10 Best Places for Fall Foliage Road Trips

Pack your bags we’re going on a road trip! A very colorful one…

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the words “Leaf Peeper” I giggled a bit and absolutely fell in love with the term that describes people who drive around the country on the quest for peak autumn colors. Leaf Peeping is thrilling and induces a whole lot of happiness. The time to do it is short and sweet, so planning ahead is a must.

What is it about the beauty of fall that’s so magical? This has always been one of my favorite times of the year. It’s romantic, the air is fresh and the temps cool down. It’s time for those warm cozy sweaters and hot spiced drinks. This Crockpot Gingerbread Latte has your name written all over it!

Here in Telluride, couples are cozied up outside cafes sharing stories, hands in mitts earlier than one would think. In the high country fall happens before we know it, late September and early October is the time to catch our show.

Saving up those vacation days? Fall is a wonderful time to plan a road trip. There’s nothing like cruising down the road with the windows down and the cool breeze blowing on your face. There are many places around the country where you can catch the fall show.

I plan on doing many road trips this fall, both near and far. Do you have any plans to do the same? Thankfully living in Telluride we have a spectacular autumn, the aspen leaves turn the bright golden hue and everything glows in the sunshine. I don’t have to go far at all.

There are many options for you to view the natural splendor of fall. Depending upon where you live the leaves take on so many different colors. Different tree types show differently. Some areas are very golden and others torch up bright red. If you are back East the maples turn that gorgeous crimson hue. In Telluride, Vail and Aspen our aspen trees glow yellow. No matter what spot is closet to you…take that road trip, I’m certain you will be happy if you do!

Places to add to your list:

When to go:

As a general rule: leaf peeping progresses from the north of the country to the south, and from its highest elevations to its lowest. Plan for the beginning of the show in the first week of September and the very last act in early November.

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~ Marla Meridith

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