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Meet Gustavia! Our Sweet Bluetick Coonhound Puppy

If you frequent this blog space and/or my Insta, then you’ve probably noticed that I’m completely dog obsessed. Check out my pups Insta @PowderHoundsTelluride they love to show off their antics over there. We just up’ed our pup count to five canines. Moose, Bo, Pippin & Indy welcome their new brother Gustavia. “Gustav” is named after my favorite island port town & the capital of St. Barths. Gustav is such a precious boy and the greatest gift to our family.

Marla Meridith's rescue Coonhounds in Telluride, Colorado
Gustavia the baby Bluetick Coonhound first night with Marla staying at the beautiful Charleston Place Hotel.

I grew up with dogs in the home, they were always my best friends, wagging their tails supporting me through everything. In my family we had one dog at a time and I dotted on them. I always tried to be their number one, but my Dad as the main caretaker caught their attention the most. It was my goal to one day have a dog family to call my own, I wanted to be the pack leader when I grew up.

Jud Wiebe Trail with Bo, Moose and Indy in Telluride, Colorado

Rescue Mama

I started rescuing hounds 6 years ago and our canine family has certainly grown! The Moose (hound mix) was my first, Bo came next American English Coonhound), then Indy (German Shorthair Pointer, he came with my boyfriend Sean) then Pippin (American English Coonhound) and now sweet little Gustavia (Bluetick Coonhound) Spending my formative years on the East Coast, growing up on Long Island you didn’t really see hounds…ever. As soon as The Moose entered my life I knew I’d be a hound mama forever.

Marla Meridith's rescue Coonhounds in Telluride, Colorado
Marla Meridith and Gustavia the Bluetick Coonhound road tripping from Charleston, SC to Telluride, CO.


The vast majority of these sweet, kind dogs are mostly born & bred by hunters in the southern states. Sadly many of these dogs end up being abandoned in the woods, let go to fend for themselves. Coonhounds typically aren’t bred as beloved pets, just for hunting accessories. Sadly, many get lost on the hunt or aren’t wanted for one reason or another . The reality is, Coonhounds make the most amazing, loving family pets. I’ve made it my job to love on as many as I possibly can and I will continue to do so. If you love cuddles then these dogs are exactly what dreams are made of. They love to curl up & press against you any chance they get.

Marla Meridith's rescue Coonhounds in Telluride, Colorado
Bo Meridith, the most majestic American English Coonhound there ever was. He’s the King of cuddles!

They are very active dogs so having lots of space for them to run is very important. Coonhounds are sport dogs and they must have plenty of exercise in order to behave in the home. Coonies are very smart but also quite strong headed and stubborn. They will listen to directions if prompted with food, otherwise they might just role their hound dog eyes & disobey.

Three spotty dogs, coonhounds and a pointer curled up in bed.
Bed is always the favorite spot in the house!

Second Chance & Carolina Coonhound Rescue

I rescued Moose and Bo from our local mountain rescue Second Chance. They were my introduction to hounds and now I’m hooked! My search for more rescue hounds had me stumble upon the Carolina Coonhound Rescue. They are located in Charleston, SC. I watch their Insta daily and seriously I want to adopt every sweet dog they post! They take such great care of the dogs and are very careful about finding them loving forever homes. I picked up Pippin from them in Charleston 2 years ago and my new baby Gustavia as well. It’s a 60 hour road trip from Telluride to get them in SC and I’m so grateful I have made the time to make the trek. Gustav is my first puppy (4 months) and it is such a treat to have this little guy as a baby. The others I rescued at 1 and two years old.

I feel so blessed to have the room, patience and excitement (lots of energy!) to have all of these pups. They offer so much more then companionship, it’s the deepest love ever! XO

Marla Meridith's rescue Coonhounds in Telluride, Colorado
Sweet Bo and Indy the elder love to cuddle.

~ Marla Meridith

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10 thoughts on “Meet Gustavia! Our Sweet Bluetick Coonhound Puppy

  1. Thank you for sharing the backstory of your beautiful fur family! Gustav is going to love his new life in Telluride!

    1. It’s been a wonderful journey with my babies! Gustav very is a very comfortable, happy little guy. Brought him to town today & he made lots of new friends.

  2. He is adorable! I love all of your furbabies. He looks like he will will fit in perfectly. Can’t wait for the fall/winter adventures you all go on. <3

    1. Thank you Dawn! Everyone is trying to figure out the new pecking order, but the big doggies are loving their new baby.It will be so exciting to see Gustavia in the snow for the first time!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. My bluetik is Dasiee, she is 7 years old. She looks like your Bo. Wish I could send you a picture. Your dogs are beautiful and look so friendly. I tell Dasiee she is acting like a “cat” sometimes when she wants to go her own way. She loves sleeping in my bed. Goes ever everywhere with me in my car. They are loyal and protective. Write again soon. Thank you Sherry

    1. Sherry, I love reading this about your sweet Dasiee. Coonhounds are the absolute best! I wish I could take all four of mine with me wherever I go, they are my everything. XO

    2. Hi Sherry! I love that Dasiee looks like my Bo Bo! Message me a photo of her on Instagram @marlameridith I would LOVE to see your precious baby!

  4. Omg he’s is to cute. He looks just like my mom’s dog. But her dog is a beagle bluetick coonhound mix and he is the sweetest little cuddle bug.