Moroccan M’hanncha (The snake) Cake

If you are a fan of flakey, buttery phyllo pastry then this dessert has your name written all over it. This Moroccan M’hanncha aka: Snake Cake is named so because of the coil shape. This treat is fun to prepare and is total crowd pleaser. I recently cooked an al fresco Moroccan themed dinner for a group at Camp V and this dish took center stage. The guests all devoured it! If you happen to have some left over it’s wonderful to wake up to as well. Serve it for breakfast or brunch with plenty of coffee. You can make one large coil “snake” or individual coils. I liked that each guest had their own swirl to themselves!

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The Moroccan themed al fresco feast at Camp V was a huge success!

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Moroccan M'hanncha (The Snake) Cake recipe

~ Marla Meridith

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