Sips Away! Mott's Bold Juices

Sips Away! Mott's Bold Juices | #kids #juice #lunchbox #backtoschool

Hi there! I’m sharing some delish fruity sips today. We are having a super active summer here in Telluride, CO. You know what that means? We are always on the lookout for healthful, pure, energizing drinks to keep us going. Beverages that we can enjoy every day. If there is something we’ve learned here in the high country is that dehydration is a no go. #MottsEveryday campaign has provided & introduced us to their Mott’s Juice Drinks that I crave as much as my kiddos. A win for all!

Sips Away! Mott's Bold Juices | #kids #juice #lunchbox #backtoschool Feeling Good During active sunny days we need to keep our bodies hydrated. I’m always on the go with work & outdoor athletic time. My kids are in camp partaking in all kinds of activities. They pack juice drinks in their backpacks & I sip away while I work, hike & mountain bike. I need to know my kids are going to drink all day when they are not with me. As good as they are with drinking water, the only way I can guarantee that they sip away is with juice drinks that they crave & enjoy. After a long day of camp we love to sit on our deck over looking the grand mountain scape. I fill tall glasses with ice cubes then pour us each a Mott’s bold flavor. My favorite is the Mott’s Strawberry Boom (after all I am the Berry Queen) my son’s is the Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush, and my daughter is smitten with Mott’s Wild Grape Surge. I promise though that we sure do share! This is also something to feel good about for back to school. Whether or not you pack lunch for your kids, having a sip cup with a drink handy is a great thing indeed.

Sips Away! Mott's Bold Juices | #kids #juice #lunchbox #backtoschool

Beyond the Sips… Popsicles! We love icy popsicles. Wanna have some more fun with your Mott’s Juice Drinks? Pour them straight up into popsicle molds. Freeze for at least 4 hours & BOOM! You have ice pops to enjoy whenever you crave them. Another delicious way to cool down on steamy days. My kids like to mix the flavors too. Never enough of a good thing around here.

Sips Away! Mott's Bold Juices | #kids #juice #lunchbox #backtoschool

A Bit More…
  • Mott’s Bold Juice Drinks have 40% less sugar than fruit juices*
  • This is a great juice drink for everyday drinking, not just for special occasions.
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • Made with real fruit juices.
  • 100% daily value of vitamin C
  • One fruit serving in 8 ounces!*
Mott’s wants you & me to enjoy juice drinks so can learn more about Mott’s Juice Drinks below!
  • Mott’s Juice Drinks have 15g sugar and the market average of 100% fruit juices and blends have 25g sugar.
  • Provides 1 fruit serving per 8 fl oz. Current USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet. 1 serving = ½ cup of 100% juice.
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    ~ Marla Meridith

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