October 2009 Fresh Picks!

Fresh Picks October

Welcome to Fresh Picks!

October 2009, Issue #4

This is the newsletter for where I share fresh ideas to enhance and inspire our clean, healthy, yummy lifestyles.

Better late than never to get you my Fresh Picks for October.  Life’s been so busy with Back to School and creating new routines.  I have had loads of Fresh Picks on the brain and not enough time to type ’em up.   I am thrilled to finally get them to you!

In the next few months I will spotlight all those yummy seasonal Fall flavors.  From Cinnamon, to Apple Spice to Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and beyond!

Pumpkins Uncarved w-type

Fresh Recipes:

Here are the FFC recipes that have been added since the last newsletter

Zesty Puttanesca Sauce

Bison Bacon Burgers

Pan Seared Trout

Seafood Veggie Soup

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fresh Commentary:

I have to speak my mind when it comes to everything food.  Here are some posts I wrote in response to issues going on in the world of food.

“Smart Choices Program”: Really Not So Smart

William Neuman, NY Times article “Connecticut to Scrutinize Food Labels

In Response to: “Is it Really Stupid to Cook”

Mark Bittman, NY Times article “Is it Really Stupid to Cook?”

BlogHer SF Wrap-Up: Citizen Cake and Me

My experiences traveling solo for my first Foodie Blogger experience.

Fresh Pick Ingredient:

Organic Sweet Potatoes

Not only do Sweet Potatoes taste divine,  they can be used in so many ways from sweet to savory. The added bonus, are the health benefits.   Sweet Potatoes are loaded with vitamin A and other antioxidants (help you fight off and avoid that flu bug!) They are also high fiber (keep those skins on when possible) and loaded with other nutrients. A bonus that I love is that they taste so nice and sweet, but have are low on the glycemic index.  That means they will energize you, stick with you and not cause a huge sugar crash.

Two Family Fresh Recipes that include Sweet Potatoes are:

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

For more information on the health benefit’s of Sweet Potatoes click the following links:



Fresh Product:


I am so proud of a local gal pal I know who invented this genius hair wrap/towel.  Not only is it a glamourous way to dry your hair, it keeps everything in place so you can go about your biz.

Whether you are cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, heck I even did push-ups and sit- ups with mine on……this great looking wrap stays in place!  It is soft, fuzzy and yummy to wear.

Wrapadoo is super absorbent, so by the time you get to blow-drying your hair it is prepped.  The moisture is wisked away and hair is left soft, damp and ready for styling.  I did mention glamourous right?  Wrapadoo’s come in the coolest, plush, glamourous fabrics, with a crystal clear gem at the top.  Who knew you could look so good all wrapped up??


Sit and focus——when you eat.

Nothing else!  Turn off that TV. Put down that book, magazine or newspaper.  When we do other things while we eat we tend to take in more calories and not taste the flavors of the meal.  That’s right folks, no multi tasking here.  Just eat!

Next time you have a meal try to notice all of the other things you do while you eat.  It might surprise you how little you pay attention to what’s going in your mouth!

Same rule applies for the kids. Remember we are teaching our kids great habits that they will take into adulthood. Teach them these lessons now and these good behaviors will last a lifetime!  It is not only what we eat, but the manner in which we eat that counts. It is a simple formula, and so important!

Fresh Blog:

Heather Eats Almond Butter

“Balancing Wholesome Nutrition with Sensible Exercise”

I love Heather’s blog!  She creates loads of original clean, healthy, yummy recipes.  She has great energy, her posts are entertaining, clever and her meals look fantastic!  She is great at taking really healthy whole foods and adding twists to make ’em special.  She uses low glycemic, organic, good for you ingredients in her cooking.  Check it out!

Cute, Yummy Time

Fresh Cookbook:

Cute, Yummy Time by La Carmina

I found this cookbook in Telluride and I had to purchase it immediately!  It is filled with original, fun, delicious “Kawaii” inspired recipes.  Kawaii means cute in Japanese.  Hello Kitty would be the ultimate definition of  Kawaii.   The Japanese like to put cute faces on everything…..including their food.

La Carmina is mindful to use clean and healthy ingredients.  She teaches us how to take meals from blah to super adorable.  Her recipes are relatively simple to prepare and well thought out, not to mention crazy cute!  There are recipes for entertaining, lunch boxes, sweets and everyday meal planning.

Just the pictures alone are worth it!

Fresh Press:

FFC is getting noticed!  Here are a few places that have mentioned Marla and in the last month.

Articles: 5 Second Rule

Interviews: Half Hour Meals

Photo Galleries: These are fun, beautiful foodie image based websites that will make you drool!  I am thrilled to be a part of them.




Family Fresh Shopping:

We have added a Family Fresh Shopping store at Amazon.

I am in the process of adding my favorite books, grocery items, kitchen appliances and more!  This will be an easy market place for you to reference and buy items that are mentioned throughout the blog.

boyx1 w-Pumpkis outline

Enjoy this tasty season!

Pink SigniaturePlease Note:  Always use your own judgement or the advice of your doctor to decide which ingredients and products are appropriate for you and you family. does not accept any responsibility for injury sustained as a result of following the advice or suggestions contained within the content of this blog.

~ Marla Meridith

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