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Painted Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you’re having a lovey dovey super fun weekend. My kids were begging me to bake cookies, so we went with the holiday theme. It’s the best thing to do, right?! Our Painted Valentine’s Sugar Cookies not only taste great (hello perfect sugar cookie) but they also are loads of fun to paint. Grab some paint brushes, let’s get started!


Painted Valentine's Sugar Cookies. Decorate with all kids of fun designs! ( @marlameridith 0


All you need for these cookies is the best sugar cookie recipe you can find. We’ve got one that comes together quickly and bakes up just right every time. We’ve adapted The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies recipe from The Kitchn. This dough is very easy to work with. put your ingredients together, roll it out and cut out your shapes. Chill before you bake the cookies so they hold their shape. These cookies bake up firm, but are the perfect texture when you bite into them.

To paint your cookies I recommend gel food coloring. You will need a few paint brushes, I like to have a couple of different sizes handy. Mix the coloring with water and start painting. Kids love to make these cookies! They inspire all kinds of creativity. The best part: you get to eat them when you are done decorating. Great for gifts too! Happy baking.


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Painted Valentine's Sugar Cookies. Decorate with all kids of fun designs! ( @marlameridith 0




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