Pear Dutch Baby Pancake


Big. Baked. Pear Pancake. I’ve always been wanting to name a recipe Dutch Baby. This has got to be the simplest way to make pancakes. No flipping, babysitting…watching. The magic happens all on its own.

Hopefully, you guys love breakfast as much as I do…I’ll be sharing a lot of them in the upcoming weeks. Dig in…



Pear Dutch Baby Pancake - Gluten Free |


My pal Averie has the best description of the Dutch Baby pancake…she says:

A playful name for an oven-baked pancake that has the chewiness of crepes with the thickness of clafoutis. It doesn’t have the sponginess that traditional pancakes have. It’s more dense and chewy than soft and fluffy.


Pear Dutch Baby Pancake - Gluten Free |


As you can see part of this shoot was done in the snow. We have had lots of the fluffy white stuff in Telluride.

I grabbed my cast iron skillet and placed it in the snow. Only thing was ~ huge quantities of heavy snow kept falling from our roof while I was shooting this. Which meant that I could easily get whacked in the head & neck.

Sort of like a house avalanche…to keep out of harm’s way this all needed to happen quickly. Hence, back to the white farm table, tucked safely back in my house…


Pear Dutch Baby Pancake - Gluten Free |


The pears in this baked pancake are sautéed in some coconut oil, lemon juice & maple syrup before they get baked.


Pear Dutch Baby Pancake - Gluten Free |


For both presentation and flavor, I topped this beauty with dried cranberries, walnuts, and more maple. I suggest you do too!


Pear Dutch Baby Pancake - Gluten Free |



Click HERE for Recipe Details.


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~ Marla Meridith

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24 thoughts on “Pear Dutch Baby Pancake

  1. I can’t believe you have snow already! I expect snow here any day now, but I’m kind of crossing my fingers that we have at least a few more snow-free weeks. I’ve never made a dutch baby before, but have seen a few recipes that I’d like to try. This pear dutch baby sounds delicious – and I can still get my hands on some delicious pears at my local grocery. I can see this dutch baby making a weekend appearance on my breakfast table very soon. 🙂

  2. Oh dutch babies are the best!! We love, love, love them around the holidays! Such gorgeous photos! I love the shots in the snow. We have tons here too!

  3. Thank you, this was a very easy and quick but very delicious recipe. We ended up making it tonight as breakfast for dinner and everyone loved it. I added a pinch of cinnamon to the pears while cooking and we had cinnamon sugar as a topping. Since I only had all purpose flour and bread flour in the house, I made it with all purpose flour.
    Your pictures are awesome!