A Visit to Redwood Hill Farm

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Have I ever told you how much I love my job….I mean really. Look. At. Those. Faces.

Before my visit to Redwood Hill Farm the kids and I were trying to figure out what sound a goat makes. We knew it wasn’t baaaaa, we had a feeling it might be maaaa. It was somewhere in between. I am so excited to share a visual journey of one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen…

Let’s go!

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

About an hour and a half north of San Francisco in Sonoma County is the glorious Redwood Hill organic goat farm. This family own biz (since 1968) is the most idealic place to live if you are a goat…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

A chicken…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

A cherry blossom…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Or a little girl…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Pictured below are my pals Irvin Lin the talented creator of the blog Eat the Love. The beauty in the glasses is Sabrina from the Tomato Tart.

There is a sweet side that comes out in everyone when they embrace the delights of holding baby animals…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

The super friendly Bice family spent a few hours with us showing us around their farm. Jennifer Lynn Bice took over their family goat farm in 1978, a decade after her parents had started it.

She greatly expanded it’s offerings to include a large variety of goat milk products, beyond just goat milk. There is a wonderful selection of artisan crafted cheeses, yogurt and kefir-milk.

By wonderful I mean award winning amazing!

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Jennifer is filled with great ambition and recently launched Green Valley Organics™, the first lactose free cow dairy products to be available nationwide.

She has great passion for working the farm as do her brothers. Below is Scott.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

And here is David

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

David showed us around their organic garden where we feasted on snow peas…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

And gazed upon all of the natural beauty…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

We spent time with 2 day old baby goats, yearlings and watched more mature goats grazing in the open pastures. We even got to see the goats in their little dairy getting milked. These beauties were fed rose petals while being milked. It was a spectacular sight!

The goats on the farm are treated so well. They each have fanciful names that describe their personalities and disposition. Redwood Hill Farm is the first goat dairy in the United States to be Certified Humane.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

There are many reasons why their goats are super happy.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Have you ever had goat milk, goat cheeses or kefir?

The flavor is a bit different than cow milk cheeses and milks. Goat milk is known to be easier to digest for people who are lactose intolerant. It also has great health benefits.

We had the opportunity to sample the products at a lovely al fresco gathering.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

We nibbled on delights while the goats grazed in the nearby pasture…

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

The views down valley were breathtaking too!

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

If you are curious about goat milk and foods made with it, lots of questions can be answered on the Redwood Hill Farm webpage. All of their products are listed there too.

Look for Redwood Hill and Green Valley Organics at Whole Foods and healthy living grocery stores near you. You can also shop online at their store. Convenient huh!

If you happen to be in Sonoma County these great folks can give you a tour too! They have a schedule of events you can check out.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Stay tuned….I will be sharing a super tasty giveaway with a selection Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Organics products in the next few weeks.

You can stay in touch with Redwood Hill Farm on their blog and Facebook.

Redwood Hill Farm | Northern California |

Have you been on any farm tours recently? Do you live on a farm ?~ lucky you if you do!

Related Blogger Recipes disclosure: I was invited to tour Redwood Hill Farm in Sonoma County. All of my experiences and thoughts are my own opinions. I am thrilled to share them with you on

~ Marla Meridith

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44 thoughts on “A Visit to Redwood Hill Farm

    1. Thanks Britt! Wish I could head back to the farm this morning. I could use the fresh air and some cute little animals to visit with 🙂

    1. Rosa, you would love their cheeses. I could only imagine how you would use their products in your glorious recipes! Wish you could have been there with me.

  1. what a beautiful post – took me back to when I was a child – my mother had goats and made cheese for Harrods in London – thanks for sharing.

  2. Marla,
    It was so nice to spend time with you at the farm (and in the van). Your photos are just gorgeous and I look forward to seeing you again. Have fun on your big trip. Can’t WAIT for those pix.
    PS. I want a baby goat.

  3. Oh those baby goats are too sweet! Goats cheese is so delicious. Looks like you had a great, sunny picturesque day. I love all your photos. The little girl holding the chicken is like a sweet postcard. You are so talented!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! Wow!!! What a relaxing day. My grandparents had goats when I was growing up. We spent summers with them, and even milked them with my grandma. She made milk and cheese with the goat milk, but my most vivid memory is of having cereal with goat milk for breakfast. It had a certain tang, but was not bad tasting….for a kid, just different. We got use to it! 😉

  5. it sounds amazing and I love the pictures. I just now became a fan of goat cheese, for the past few years I was horrified of it for some reason but I was changed with one taste of real and I do mean real good cheese!

    1. Hi Scott! Your little gal is absolutely adorable. It was lovely to spend the day with you and your family. Redwood Hill Farm is surely a treat not to miss!

  6. What a fun event and love all the photos you took – made me feel as if I was right there. Our local farmer’s market just opened this weekend and there are two vendors selling goat products, one soaps, and the other cheeses.

  7. These photos are gorgeous. What a fun trip! I’ve always wanted to visit a goat farm, but I think if I do I just might end up kidnapping a baby goat 😉

    Thanks for sharing my recipe – goat cheese is one of my absolute favorite ingredients to cook with!

    1. Melissa, thanks so much for stopping by! Your recipe looks wonderful, my pleasure to share it! I think we all wanted to take home a baby goat that day 🙂