SAVEUR “Best Kids’ Cooking Blog” Finalist

Please VOTE for in the @SaveurMag "Best Food Blogs"

Do you like surprises? I sure do! This past Friday I saw tweets flying around that is a Saveur Magazine Best 2013 Food Blogs Finalist!

Well boy howdy! I have been secretly hoping for this kinda thing to happen for some time now. I am honored, flattered and smitten with this nomination. I reaaaallly gotta thank you guys for all of your GREAT energy & good times we get to share over here.

Can you do me (us) a favor and cast your votes for between now and midnight, Friday April 19th. Look for me in the “Best Kids’ Cooking Blog” category. Thank you bunches!! XO

Please VOTE for in the @SaveurMag "Best in Food Blogs"

~ Marla Meridith

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21 thoughts on “SAVEUR “Best Kids’ Cooking Blog” Finalist

  1. Your blog is one of my fav and seeing your name up there in the list was not surprising for me at all. You are brilliant Marla and yep I voted for ya 🙂

  2. Done voting! Congratulations Marla! I really hope you win this. I’ve been following your blog for such a long time and I am really proud of you! I always look forward to your email and your posts are always impressive and detailed that never disappointed me! Good luck Marla!!

  3. Amazing news! But not the least bit unexpected. A roaring hip hip to you. It’s well deserved and a testament to your hard work and fantastic content. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Mike ~ this means the world coming from you! And I am mighty happy to see The Boys Club listed as well. I LOVE what you do over there 🙂 VERY well deserved!