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Skinny Chocolate Drop Cookies

I am not sure what inspired me to come up with this cookie recipe. Perhaps it is my love for chocolate. I also have a thing for Ezekiel bread. Combining the two was a small experiment in health, flavor and a very quick, simple to prepare cookie. The results are a cakey, rich fabulous treat. Perfect for any time of day.

You know me, always on the quest to get a good sweet fix without thickening, softening and smearing my waistline. I love my treats and I want to be able to eat them daily. These cookies satisfy in the same way that a really decadent baked good would. The only difference is I can go workout after and not feel like I have to “work it off.”

I don’t like having a cloud of guilt hanging over my head over what I eat. There are so many other more important things to think about each day.

I concepted the recipe for these cookies while doing the daily drive to drop my kids off at school. They were bopping their little heads to music in the back of the car and I of course was thinking about food. Again. I wanted to wow all of us with a concept so different, but at the same time with recognizable textures and flavors. I think I accomplished that here. My husband was taken, so were my kids. No one could figure out my secret ingredient.

Yup, shout that one from your roof top. I call these cookies “high energy” and “skinny” ’cause they won’t leave their mark on your body {as long as they are eaten mindfully and responsibly.}  As a matter of fact they are filled with good for you ingredients.  Not too mention they are easy to bake because you don’t have to deal with measuring flour. The bread is your dough.

They are perfect to pack in your kids lunchbox and not feel all icky about it. The teacher might think…”Oh that mom packs cookies in her kids lunchbox?” And you can feel like super mom ’cause you know your kid is munching on vitamin and mineral packed whole grain goodness, filled with energy and love.

These cookies aren’t packaged, over processed and expensive. What these cookies are is fresher, filled with flavor and much higher quality than your average store bought cookie. Really.

Fresh Benefits

We have talked about the health benefits of Sprouted Grains before.  They come up pretty often around here.  They are an excellent high energy source of whole grain complex carbs. Filled with vitamins and minerals and a good source of protein.  To read more about the health benefits of Sprouted Grains click here.  Look at the “Fresh Benefits” section.

What is your favorite chocolate cookie recipe?


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~ Marla Meridith

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31 thoughts on “Skinny Chocolate Drop Cookies

  1. How ironic – I made the sugar-ful (but still very lowfat) version of these tonight because I needed a chocolate fix (powdered sugar, cocoa powder, espresso powder, salt, egg white, and vanilla extract.) Not something I do all the time but still I would consider it a fairly low-guilt snack… but you’ve certainly outdone me! I definitely want to experiment with Ezekiel bread and stevia in my baking now.

  2. How clever! You don’t usually see the word skinny in a cookie recipe! I love it! I’ll have to try these.

    Oh, I tried sending you a message through your contact form but I received an error message. Just wanted to say thanks for asking about my son. I can’t speak to him for the entire 8 weeks that he’s in Basic Training, but in a couple more weeks we can correspond by mail.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Skinny and chocolate in the same sentence? Wonderful! Im loving the sprouted flour in these cookies! they sound fabulous!

  4. These are definitely not a candidate of Sweet Treat Wednesdays…but that’s why they’re perfect DAILY indulgences! Bring them on, yum yum~! 😀

  5. what a unique batch of cookies! i’ve never even considered using crumbs as a base, but it’s a fabulous idea. now i’m craving both an espresso and a couple chocolate cookies. 🙂

  6. I almost licked my screen when I was reading this post…eeek. Maybe that is a sign that I must make these! My 4 year old and I bake every Sunday – I think I know what we will be making today : )

  7. Using Ezekiel in a decadent, healthy, sweet treet is brilliant, Marla! I especially love the walnuts in there…great for a little crunch and flavor. I’m imagining how fantastic they would be with a cup of coffee…I think I need to pick up a loaf of Ezekiel!

  8. Hi Marla
    My reader and inbox is busting loose….600+ entries for my contest in the past 24 hrs, sorry i am slow to get over here 🙂
    Anyhooo reading food blogs/not renewing your foodie mags..girl. Totally! Not to mention, i havent even renewed most of my other mags from W to Mothering to you name it, i have so little time anymore to read with books/mags b/c of blogs. Mostly that’s a good thing but yeah save your money 🙂

    The cookies…look great! Great healthy recipe!

    Thanks for the contest linky love and enjoy your week this week & soon here, we can connect IRL!!!!


  9. YUM! Those look wonderful! I should’ve stopped over here earlier — I was looking for a healthy cookie recipe and I have all the ingredients!! Soon! “:)

  10. I knew I would love these as soon as I read “skinny” and “cookie” – sounds just like my kind of a dessert! I love that you ground sprouted bread as a base, such a great idea!! I am adding this to our dessert repertoire!! (In addition to our vegan chocolate chip cookies and vegan chocolate cake) 🙂 We love our dessert!! It was so nice finally meeting you this weekend too!!!

  11. These look awesome! If I had just looked at them, I would never have known that they were healthy.

    I love your description of how they fit your personality at the end. Very cute 😀

  12. How do I place an order? – I would like a few dozen please! Your pics are amazing Marla, so enticing, I can definitely imagine the flavour, rich nutty chocolate – my absolute favourite pairing.

  13. Question: Did you dry the bread before processing or use it fresh?
    Comment: Two tablespoons of stevia seems like a huge amount to me.
    Tip: I process Ezekiel cereal and use it to bread fish dipped in a beaten egg-bake and eat-wonderful.

    1. Hi Diane. I am soooo happy you brought this recipe to my attention. Been a while since I have updated it & it needed some tweaks. I used to use a different stevia powder than I do now – the one originally in the recipe had more fillers so the quantities were larger. These days I use my NuNaturals drops (or their no-carb powder) and adjust my batters to taste. Usually 3-4 full dropper fills will go into a recipe like this. If you are using drops or powder – please add some and then taste your batter. Simple taste adjustments should work. All depends on the brand you use…which do you use?
      I do not toast the bread first for this recipe. Though that might enhance the flavor.
      LOVE the idea of the Ezekiel fish. Must try that asap! Thanks for sharing.