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Summer Trendsetter: Having Fun with Temporary Hair Tints

It’s the season for temporary tattoos, whimsical clothing, accessories and easy breezy hair color. Now that my hair is lighter, it’s fun to play with sprays and wash in colors…without having any commitment to anything long term. There are lots of fun colors out there, just read the directions carefully before you apply. I like my color super subtle, so I applied this Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint in the shower to my wet strands and only kept it in about 60 seconds. I then rinsed and towel dried and styled as usual.

So what makes these tints special are the unique and playful hues and the fact that they wash in and easily wash out, typically after a wash or two. Make sure that when you are playing around with wild colors that you don’t have anything planned that these colors wouldn’t work for, as they can take a few washes to return to your natural color. These are all meant to be short term colors…if you need something longer then look for semi-permanent or permanent colors instead.

Here are some favorites to choose from…

It's the season for easy breezy hair color. Now that my hair is lighter, it's fun to play with temporary tints...without having any commitment to them sticking around. These colors wash in and easily wash out, super fun to play with this summer!
I love this Rose Gold Tint by Kristen Ess at Target $12
So many colors to choose from in this conditioning color treatment by Keracolor $22 each
Arctic Fox comes in many colors and is very easy to use. Mix with white for softer shades. Vegan and cruelty free $12.99 each
These sprays by L’Oreal is perfect for spray and play! $7.39 each
Head turning color wash color by Viral come in vivid and pastels. $35 each
Here’s another Colorista formula by L’Oreal that’s fun to try. Mix and match colors at your whim.. This one is a cream, not a spray like the version above. $6.59 each
These Eva NYC hair sprays are infused with Argan oil, this salon-quality formula instantly delivers optimal anti-breakage benefits and commitment-free color! Pink, Purple and Blue $10 each

~ Marla Meridith

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2 thoughts on “Summer Trendsetter: Having Fun with Temporary Hair Tints

  1. The hair tint is so so so amazing. I really o not have words to express how crazy and real this looks. Imma try this asap!