Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Jar Cakes

Sweet potato chocolate chip cake in white ramekin with pomegranate seeds

We had a burst of cool air this week in Southern California. I went from craving citrus, berries and dreamy chocolate milkshakes to seeking shelter in warm comforting foods. I developed this recipe back in the fall and have been baking it up often to satisfy cravings for cake, chocolate and my favorite ~ sweet potatoes. I am fascinated by the whole idea of baking in alternative containers, specifically cakes in jars and little ramekins.

Dig into these little warm cakes with a nice long spoon and cup of coffee or glass of milk at the ready…

Sweet potato chocolate chip cake in white ramekin with pomegranate seeds

Not only did I use mason jars but I used little white bake safe ramekins too.

We will just call them jars for now. Makes more sense for the name for this recipe.

There is something so thrilling about thinking outside the box and baking cake in something other that a sheet or cake pan. I beg you to think outside the box too. As long as your container can withstand the heat from your oven then you can do this!

Sweet potato chocolate chip cake in white ramekin with pomegranate seeds

Don’t forget a dollop of whipped cream too. The cool cream plays against the warm cake and is heavenly.

Make sure you get a scoop of cream and cake in every spoonful. Top with some nuts and fresh fruit too if you desire. And more chocolate chips or carob.

Sweet potato chocolate chip cake in white ramekin with pomegranate seeds

Feel free to use chocolate or carob chips in these jar cakes. Lately I have been enjoying the unique taste of carob. Have you ever tried it? It is very sweet and caramel/creamy tasting. The chips I use also have no refined sugar, I really like that.

Pomegranate seeds in white ramekin porcelain bowls


We enjoy sweet potatoes in savories (baked fries, appetizers, soupchili, salads, kebabs) as well as sweets. We love my recipe for Sweet Potato Crisps. You must try this sometime if you have not all ready.

Sweet potato chocolate chip cake in white ramekin with pomegranate seeds

What is your favorite sweet potato recipe?


Sweet Potato Dessert Recipe Links

~ Marla Meridith

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53 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Jar Cakes

    1. Girl, you just gotta join me here in the cold. Can’t take that heat either. Having fun all bundled up in a jacket, hat & gloves tonight!

  1. What a great treat you’ve created! As for me, I don’t have a favorite sweet potato recipe… not a big fan of it. I still preffer a real potatoes, Russet being my favorite. 🙂

    1. Marina, sounds like there are two camps on the sweet potato thing. Love ’em or leave ’em. I could go without white potatoes but regularly crave their orange cousins 😉

  2. I love a sweet potato cut into cubes and roasted with a little kosher salt, black pepper, and olive oil. Simple. Easy. Delicious. If I add too many ingredients I miss the simple flavor of it’s roasted goodness.

    1. Shawna, roasting fruits and veggies is my favorite thing to do. Lately I have been experimenting with all kinds of produce in the oven. Love the enhanced flavors! I also love my sweet potatoes simply roasted 🙂

  3. I don’t think I ever ate sweet potatoes in a dessert before and i have no idea what carobs are but now I am curious enough to try it 🙂

    1. Yay Jen! You gotta try it. Either way you go chocolate or carob you should be happy with the results. If you have ever backed with pumpkin then you can expect similar results both in flavor and texture.

    1. Thanks Averie! My tagline these days is simply “Making Healthy Food Beautiful” So your comment certainly is in line with that! xo

  4. My husband was just reminding me that I needed to make more things with sweet potatoes. I just picture it as more of a winter comfort food, like you, but having temperatures every day in the 80s makes it hard. These look great though! I would totally eat this for breakfast when it’s cool outside. Yum! 😀

    1. Caroline, I was hesitant to post these because of that very reason ~ the warm temps people have been having. Hopefully lots of you guys will bake ’em up any way or bookmark this recipe for next years sweet potato cravings 🙂

  5. I just saw a cute little ramekin in an antique store yesterday and almost bought it! Now I really wish I had because it’d be perfect for this! These are simply adorable and I love the idea of cake in a jar. Your pictures are gorgeous too [:

  6. I, too, bought some sweet potatoes this past weekend. Subconsciously the weather may have influenced my purchase. Your cakes are inventive and cute, Marla!

  7. Love baked sweet potato puree with apple, lime and yogurt – recipe given to me by Martha Rose Schulman at her Thanksgiving without Tears class – it’s sublime. And you know I love baking in jars of all shapes and sizes.

    1. Lucy, I am loving the sound of that sweet potato purée! Is the recipe on your blog? Then again you did list the ingredients, I could take it from there 😉

  8. Love sweet potatoes. Indulgent and satisfys the sweet tooth without the guilt! Love all the photos. Looks like a shabby chic farmhouse!
    Perfect pretty dessert anytime! xo

  9. Wow this looks so unique and delicious! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweet potatoes and the choice of spices makes it look really tasty. Thanks for sharing! xo

  10. These are absolutely adorable! I have a sweet potato sitting in my refrigerator right now! I love how you put them into portion controlled containers too. I hope it helps me to not eat it all up! 🙂

  11. Sweet potatoes serve as comfort food to me no matter the weather! These cakes in a jar sound so tasty…I would really have to restrain myself to stop at just one!

    1. Joanne, the restraint is the tricky part. How about telling yourself “Self, there is always more for later if I eat just one jar cake ;)”

  12. I always love a good sweet potato recipe. I would suspect that the oat flour is gluten-free too? Well that makes this absolutely perfect!

  13. Love the idea, it’s so creative! I’m always cooking up sweet potatoes. My favourite way of using them is boiling them and then adding some quinoa and an egg to bind it together to make a “cake” similar to fish cakes. But, I never really thought of using them in a sweet dish. Something new to try!

  14. I like to roast the sweet potatoes rather than boil them, I think it gives them a richer and sweeter flavor. (I wrap them in foil and bake until tender, then let them cool, peel and mash them, sometimes I add a little orange zest and/or juice.)

  15. Do I have to use the corn flour with the oat flour? Or can I just use ~ 2 cups of oat flour alone? If I wanted to do so, would you suggest altering the rest of the recipe to make up for it?