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14 Decadently Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Your Valentine

History says that the one and only St. Valentine was not a patron of true…
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Baked Sweets and Treats

16 Valentine’s Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just a month away?! My kids LOVE this holiday…
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6 Holiday Desserts in 15 Minutes or Less!

Hi guys! I’ll be on ABC World News this Sunday 12.20.2105. I’ll be¬†sharing these amazing…
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Book Reviews

Surprise-Inside Cakes! Cookbook Review

Are you familiar with the amazing blog i am baker? If not you should be.…
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Join the *Sweet Dreams* Pinterest Pinners!

Good morning! I created a fun community called “Sweet Dreams” on Pinterest. I would LOVE…
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50 Amazing Peanut Butter Recipes

You guys got such a kick out of 50 Amazing Oatmeal Recipes that I just…
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20 GREAT! Patriotic July 4th Dessert Ideas

Let’s say you are throwing a 4th go July party. Who would you invite? What…
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Happy Post Wrap-Up: It’s a Pumpkin Party!

Ever since I shared my Pumpkin themed Happy Post¬†with you I have been looking forward…
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Commander’s Palace – Jazz Brunch in New Orleans

Grace, charm, wit, enthusiasm, impeccable manners, old world pizzazz. That is Commander’s Palace in NOLA.…
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