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Creamy Rotisserie Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

By Marla Meridith / April 20th

I love the convenience of running into the market and buying a delicious rotisserie chicken. Sure they taste awesome on their own, but it's nice to have a go-to recipe that makes the chicken more of a complete meal. This hearty Creamy Rotisserie Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is all that. A tasty meal that you will crave over and ...Read More

Summer Essential: The Romper!

By Marla Meridith / April 16th

Get the look! Hat & Romper both from Anthropologie From the moment I started wearing rompers in the warm weather I fell in love with them. Also known as playsuits, there really isn't anything as comfy, cute, playful and flirty. There are so many wonderful ones in the online stores now and I've collected some favorites for you to shop. ...Read More

Linguine with Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce

By Marla Meridith / April 15th

This time of the year it's all about getting outside more and spending less time indoors. The skies are blue, the buds are popping and fresh, clean, healthy food is everything. With my love of pasta I'm always creating new recipes that satisfy in every way. I've been making this Linguine with Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce forever, so it's about ...Read More

Sparkling Fuzzy Navel Cocktail

By Marla Meridith / April 13th

As the weather heats up for (not yet here in the Rocky Mountains) it's time to think about sunny, quenching cocktails. The Fuzzy Navel is a classic...and with a hit of fizzy water it's made that much better. All you need are three ingredients for a rock star cocktail, Peach Schnapps, orange juice and sparkling water. Enjoy! Click HERE for ...Read More

The Look: Plaid Shirt, Denim Skirt & Booties!

By Marla Meridith / April 11th

My blouse: Annalore Skirt: Tanya Taylor Hat: Mountain Girl  Boots: Golden Goose It felt so awesome to throw on this outfit, run outside with bare legs and take some pictures. The weather was mild, there was hardly a chill in the air. That comfort was very contrasting to today, it's snowing again in Telluride and way too cold for baring much ...Read More

Video: One-Pot Swiss Alpine Macaroni

By Marla Meridith / April 9th

  As many of you know, my cookbook High Alpine Cuisine was released August '18. I've been getting so much great feedback from those of you that have purchased it. Sounds like you are enjoying the recipes and that makes me really happy! I'm in the process of working on a series of recipe videos from the book. Hopefully they ...Read More

Raspberry Brioche Bread Pudding

By Marla Meridith / April 7th

  If you are feeding a crowd, then this Raspberry Brioche Bread Pudding needs to be an essential at your next breakfast or brunch. I'm absolutely crazy for brioche and jump out of bed for a slice or two every time I'm in the Alps. This breakfast casserole makes the most of this decadent, eggy bread. Hopefully you can try this ...Read More

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

By Marla Meridith / March 28th

  As the weather transitions from winter to spring (a bit slower where I live in the mountains) it's time to think about Easter baskets and festive holiday decorating. I love decorating Easter eggs and I also love temporary tattoos, so naturally it's fun to pair them together! These eggs are super easy to make and all of the directions ...Read More

Maple Pecan Morning Muffins

By Marla Meridith / March 19th

  We love this quick and easy recipe for Maple Pecan Morning Muffins. Bet you will crave them for more than just breakfast! If you love lots of streusel topping then you can simply double or triple that portion of the recipe. There's also a video to show you just how easy it is to whip these together in a pinch. ...Read More