The DB Mag – Winter 2015

I’m thrilled to share a new e-magazine with you today The DB Mag! We had a blast with this lifestyle article..hope it gets you inspired to enjoy the great outdoors! The DB Mag is filled with inspiring articles & eye candy photos. The theme throughout is Cultivating Traditions. Inspiring content by seasoned contributors on how to treasure lessons from the past & integrate them into our modern lives. I’m proudly featured in the Food & Forage section on page 42. You can take a good look at this free e-mag today! Enjoy… Featured in The DB Mag on page 42. Craving the outdoors? Come take a look at my fly fishing adventures & an amazing recipe for Bacon Panko Crusted Trout! Bacon & Panko Crusted Trout | Tender filets with the most delicious crispy crust! Orvis outfitted me for a fly fishing adventure. They picked the perfect colors for me & every piece fit & functioned perfectly! I created a recipe with the catch of the day: Panko & Bacon Crusted Trout. Congrats to the DB team for this amazing publication, I know we all worked super hard to bring you this wonderful e-mag. Grab that steamy cup of tea or coffee & dig in!]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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6 thoughts on “The DB Mag – Winter 2015

    1. Hi Katie! Fly fishing is certainly a passion that is well worth it once you make the effort to hit the river. I’m far from a pro…just a beginner, but as long as you go with someone who knows what they are doing then you will likely catch a fish. Even if you don’t it’s just the experience of being out there that makes it all worth it. Glad you like the Orvis gear!!