The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch

Can you taste color? I know I sure can! Especially when its a fruity blend of flavors in a cool crisp cocktail. Seagrams Escapes invited me to create a cocktail with their assortment of flavors. Any excuse to go on a flavor journey & I’m in!    In this cocktail (#2 in my Telluride Ski Runs series) ~ The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch, I’ve combined Seagram’s Escapes flavors with orange bitters & some ginger syrup. It’s a crisp, refreshing cocktail sure to please. Guests at your holiday parties will swoon over this drink! It’s perfect for aprs ski too…   The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch |   The Escapes theme is Keep it Colorful! That’s so easy with these gorgeous drinks…I took the color Plunge & I’m very happy with the vibrant results! What is The Plunge here in Telluride? Its a black diamond run located on the town side of the mountain. To access it you can take chair 9, aptly named The Plunge. When you ski down this thrilling slope you literally plunge straight into town. the views are amazing!   Skiing The Plunge in Telluride, CO |   That’s me in my tutu on the top of The Plunge.   The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch |   Aren’t they pretty? They taste so refreshing & amazing too! There are many flavors to choose from. I used Sangria and Wild Berries in my recipe,  but you can use any ones you wish! There are tempting islandy flavors too like Jamaican Me Happy, Calypso Colada, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Aloha-Tini & many more.   The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch |   Top these beauties with all sorts of fresh berries, pomegranate arils & apple slices. Add a spring of mint too…Enjoy!   The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch |   For Recipe Details Click Here     Sangria Recipes to try!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Segram’s Escapes. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Please drink responsibly. The Plunge: A Fruity Sangria Punch | Save Save]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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