The President’s Challenge


Yours truly competitve?  No way!  OK, maybe just a little, OK maybe a lot, but mostly with myself.

(I’m not only gonna keep you mindful with the food, yes the exercise too!!)

I just found another way to make myself more accountable to my fitness regime (as if I needed one!)  The President’s Challenge is so cool.  This is a program designed to encourage us to stay active in our everyday lives.   There are different program options based on your fitness level.  Everything from the 6 week “Active” lifestyle program to the more ambitious “Advanced Performance Program.”  Basically there is a program to suit everyone.

“The President’s Challenge is a series of programs designed to help improve anyones activity level. It’s the latest initiative introduced by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to help promote the benefits of fitness for all Americans.”

The programs runs for 6 or more weeks. You log the type, duration and frequency of your daily exercise.  Everything is recorded on-line, it is so easy to keep track of your activities.  That’s right, you get to chart and come to terms with how much or how little exercise you are getting.  There is a huge list of activities that you can choose from on your daily checklist, everything from household tasks (snore, we can burn more calories than that!), to baton twirling (odd, if you do this regularly you better send a picture this way!), to weight training, swimming, yoga etc.  It is so fun to track your progress and watch your list grow!  Did I mention it’s free?  No personal trainer fees to deal with, you get to kick your own butt!

I have set up a group.  That’s right we can participate as a team!  This means you can track how you are doing against other members in our group, in your state or around the world!  Your comparisons are kept in a general graph form.  I am the only one as your trusty administrator that can view your individual profile.  No judgements, no worries.  It might just hold you more accountable!!


You can even sign your kids up, it is so fun for them to learn the benefits of exercise too!  You can give your kids awards as they complete activities and weeks of exercise, or maybe just high fives and a pat on the back!


1) Go to

2) Fill out the registration form.

* Be sure to include the following info during registration * Group ID #: [85340]
Your Member ID: [You can use any name you wish here]

3) After registering, start logging your activities. As you log activities you’ll be able to track your progress toward winning a President’s Challenge Award or Medal.

Go Team Go!!!!!

~ Marla Meridith

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